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Finish this statement--plus-- a few Q's......?

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Copas -- Tit,Toots & Leggy lin 
Asked at 2011.03.02 20:19:06
The offseason can be sooo boring sometimes, that________________??

1-- Which goalie will lead the league this upcoming season in PIM??

2-- Which goalie will lead in points??

3-- Does Mick McGeough need Lasik surgery or a retinal transplant??

4-- How many Crayola colors have been introduced thanks to Don Cherry's wardrobe ??

Have fun people--- Summer Sucks, Drop the Puck!!!
answer Awesome Bill  Answered at 2011.03.02 20:19:06
The offseason can be sooo boring sometimes, that________________??

a) watching paint dry can be exciting.
b) watching the static on TV is the height of the day.
c) Chuck Norris movies become interesting.
d) reading the phone book is preferrable to reading about the Phillies.
e) washing dishes becomes entertaining.
f) even shooting squirrels with the bb gun gets old.
g) reading the info on my truck tires is cool.
h) I sometimes get the urge to just run as fast as I can into a tree.
i) reading the Yahoo blog passes the time.
j) the neighbors dog becomes a capable conversationalist.
k) the neighbors dog seems like he could run Yahoo.
l) watching the barometer is the highlight of some days.
m) I actually learn something substantial.
n) I make meaningless spreadsheets about anything quantifiable.
o) another Stanley Cup-less season is preferrable to nothing.
p) I actually follow the NFL preseason games with INTEREST.
q) I really do stop and smell the roses.
r) I smell the sewage plant even while moving into better squirrel shooting position.
s) I change the oil ON SCHEDULE.
t) even the smallest details on the "To do" list are done.
u) I watch the fishing shows for excitment.
v) I notice the important things in life.
w) my tools are actually organized and the toolboxes are clean.
x) I read the Op-Ed page in the paper.
y) I read the entire paper instead of just the sports page.
z) I become reacquainted with my family.

1 - Martin Brodeur
2 - Marty Biron for all the rebounds he leaves.
3 - Mr. Magoo needs all the help he can get.
4 - At least a dozen.
Frankmichael321 Answered at 2017.06.16 05:10:00
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