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White Sox Announcer did a mini tirade. Blaming the Umpire for the White Sox loss today. What happened?

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Asked at 2011.02.25 00:32:56
I saw the last few minutes of the White Sox-Royals game on MLB Network in which the Royals won. After it was over i could have sworn heard the announcer saying how this is not right telling his partner how sorry that he had to sit through this & the i heard the partner say this sucks. Then the guys at MLB Network say they where blaming Umpire Joe West for the Sox loss. Does anyone know what exactly happened & should Announcers act this way
answer Michael R  Answered at 2011.02.25 00:32:56
Sure,scooter.Joe West and Ozzie Guillen have some bad blood between them.And let's be honest,West is a piss poor umpire.he was behind the plate today and made several bad calls and tended to favor the Royals.Hawk Harrelson was somewhat correct in his thinking that West has a bias against the White Sox.And his partner,who you already know was future Hall of Famer,Frank Thomas,was equally correct in saying that it sucked.An umpire with a definite bias toward any team should not be calling games that that team is involved in.Joe West is not a highly thought of umpire,anyway,and why MLB continues to trot him out is questionable.
Now then,on the local postgame show,Bill Melton,who is a former player said that the bullpen has been failing for the team of late.He was right on there.He didn't blame West,but he also didn't say he called a particularly good game.
Should announcers act this way?Why shouldn't they?They are also fans,they see what you see and respond accordingly.Should they sugar coat the bad calls or the mistakes made by the team?I'd rather they talk like Joe Fan than act like they have eyesight like Mr.Magoo.
** I looked up the box score.Danks was charged with 3 walks in 6 innings.Greinke had 1 in 8.A few hits were allowed by Danks after what he felt was strike three on the previous pitch.A couple check swings didn't get the same call.I liked hearing Harrelson say that West sucks.He does.But 2 runs on 10 hits just doesn't get it done.***
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