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Does anyone else find it ironic that Henry VIII was so determined to ...

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Mr. Nobody 
Asked at 2011.02.24 18:53:25
have a male heir and then the one he did have only served a couple years before dying? I've always thought this funny ... he betrayed a woman who loved him (and back then this was rare), executed another who couldn't provide a son all in the sake of getting a male heir only for that male heir to die young. I also find it ironic that Catherine of Aragon was so sweet and served such a long time and her daughter served a shorter time and her rule was terrible. Then there is Anne Boelyn who was a total b*tch and served only 6 years before being executed and her daughter was seen as the best queen ever ..

anyone else find this ironic ?? that the daughters reputations are complete opposite of their mothers
answer Louise C  Answered at 2011.02.24 18:53:25
Well, Henry always knew there was a chance that Edward would die, because life was very uncertain at that era, and a lot of people did die when they were children or in their teens, infectious diseases carried people off. Tuberculosis, which was a particular scourge of young people, is probably what Edward died of, and it continued to be a major killer of young people into the 20th century.

In Henry's will, he left his kingdom first to Edward, then to Mary, then Elizabeth. Naturally, he would have hiped that this would not happen,b ut he must always have been aware that there was a chance that it would.

He was married to Catherine of Aragon longer than all his other wives put together, and she made a good job of being Regent when he was away fighting the French. I think she would probably have been quite succesful as a Queen Regnant if she had had to be. Mary made a lot of mistakes, but if things had been different she too might have made a good Queen. If she had had a stable upbringing fo rinstance instead of having to witness the disintegration of her parent's marriage, and being humiliated and cast aside by her father.

Elizabeth managed to be mainly succesful in her reign, and she probably inherited at least some of her characteristics from her mother. Anne was very intelligent and witty, though not wise in her dealings with Henry. I think Elizabeth was her mother's daughter as well as her father's, though she naturally prefered to emphasise her relationship to her father rather than her mother.
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