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PRINCE HARRY & JAMES HEWITT. Coincidental resemblance?

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Asked at 2011.02.24 18:53:03
Check out these two pics. There's such a striking similarity as Harry is getting older.

Do you think they're related?

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answer B.E.C.  Answered at 2011.02.24 18:53:03
Check out these two pictures:
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The first picture is of a young Earl Edward Johnny Spencer, Diana's father. James Hewitt bears a strong resemblance to a young Johnny Spencer.Perhaps that is why Diana was attracted to "The Love Rat." Unfortunately for Harry,he happens to look like a Spencer,like his aunts,grandfather and uncle.And to add to this is the fact that Hewitt looks like a Spencer.And,then Hewitt first says he met Diana after Harry's birth;but,then he's paid money to be hypnotized(which makes any statement less credible,the subconscious is not a reliable memory source,something I learned many years ago in graduate school for Education and Psychology)and come out with a much earlier date for the beginning if the wonder people's tongues are wagging!But,I chose to believe Hewitt's first statement--that he started the affair with Diana after Harry was born;Diana was not a totally stupid woman and knew of the importance of presenting Charles with an heir and a spare before embarking on affairs of her own.She was in love with Charles and really tried hard to make the marriage work until after Harry's birth;then,she just gave in and tried to live the aristocratic lifestyle of spouse and "friends on the side."

This is a very sad situation for Harry.It's too bad that people lack empathy for their fellow human beings. Just try to put yourselves in Harry's shoes: Hewitt rats on Diana,Diana admits to the affair and everyone starts calling you "Harry Hewitt."No wonder Harry is said to have problems...

And for those of you who mentioned DNA testing: Harry wanted to take the test and the Queen said no,there was no need to bow to the salacious gossip.Harry is Charles' son,no matter what.
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