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Why are we still obsessed about Princess Diana?

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Asked at 2011.02.24 18:50:11
Britain's Channel 4 is about to broadcast "tastefully blanked out" images of the last monents of Princess Diana's life. With all respect, I believe that both the public and the press have a severe reality problem. She was, in reality, no more than a normal-looking woman, who would still be alive, and not even especially noticed, if she had not married Prince Charles. The marriage was between two obviously ill-suited (albeit good) people, and the stress which the public life thrust upon her made her mentally fragile. She was not a stunning beauty, did not have an especially attractive figure, and had a rather bland character. What causes the majority of the population to see something in her, which was really never there? Any decent person in the public eye would feel deep sympathy for a poor child suffering with AIDS, and believing that the princess was a special human being because for her work with such children is an exaggeration. Dear public, please leave her to rest in peace.
answer *Happy Once Again!*  Answered at 2011.02.24 18:50:11
If you really wanted her to rest in peace, you wouldn't be generating even more talk about her by asking a question about her. And certainly even worse you wouldn't go to such lengths to down-play who and what she was even down to her looks. It's ridiculous to say she wouldn't have been noticed if she hadn't married Charles. Well, duh, no one famous would be noticed if they hadn't done whatever made them famous in the first place. She, like all the royals are big parts of world history, why shouldn't she be remembered, why shouldn't the anniv of her death be commemorated? You wrote:
"What causes the majority of the population to see something in her, which was really never there?" How do YOU know what was or wasn't really there?
I can somewhat understand ppl's jealousy and envy at someone who is so immensely popular and well thought of and privileged, when that celeb is alive, BUT even after their death!?? To be so put off by what USE to be? The publicity she gets now, she is not around to benefit from. Why don't YOU stop obsessing about her?
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