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 What company makes Prevacid? 1 juicy lee 2011.05 / Abe Douglas
 Has anyone ever DROPPED the Stanley cup? 1 ryegauvin 2011.05 / Rick
 What does it mean when you hear somebody saying your name while asleep? 1 Renee M 2011.04 / Beyond the Sea
 Why do people smack their pack of cigarettes on their hand before they open it? 1 John Aggy 2011.04 / Tiffany
 Is it wrong to have sexual feelings towards animals? 1 Greg Massow 2011.04 / Chapman
 An appropriate countercyclical fiscal policy response to the inflationary boom w.. 1 John Haskell 2011.04 / simplicitus
 Airport transit visa? 1 klodval 2011.04 / GerdP
 What do I put as my occupation when applying for a passport? 1 Julietta 2011.04 / jshizz1990
 NICOP or POC card for Pakistani's? 1 Waseem Khan 2011.04 / Syed M Zaidi
 German multiple entry Visa Type D? 1 Sam 2011.04 / GerdP
 Which countries are refusing visa for entry of HBsAG positive? 1 roji v 2011.04 / Raj
 Passport application is under review with mea? 1 Rahl C 2011.04 / Raj
 How much time does the administrative processing take for a Tourist visa to U.S .. 1 Amr Wadea 2011.04 / George L
 Ladies,which is worse 40 lashes bare back topless or breast cancer? 1 kathy randolph 2011.04 / Mary Kontrarry
 How to make my poop solid again? 1 Nici 2011.04 / Aly
 Will my breasts sag if i lose weight? 1 japanese horror show 2011.04 / sheloves_dablues
 I have a stuffy nose, sore throat, I can hardly breathe, and I can't taste ANYTH.. 1 Mandii Smiless! 2011.04 / MaeganAmbuh
 When is my voice going to change? 1 livin in my own world 2011.04 / Terry
 How far should you put a tampon applicator in? 1 Renae 2011.04 / linsey
 How can I make my penis bigger?   1 Steve-O 2011.04 / TheRealAcid9
 Is this a good advertising slogan for my furniture store" " Shop at t.. 2 Happy Enzyme 2011.03 / babyincar
 Cancer vs Scorpio. Get.Set.Fight!? 1 MaximDude 2011.03 / 氓聧聬Cricket is an uncle sport氓聧
 Hairstyles according to your moon sign - which is ur moon sign & is it accur.. 1 Emily Rose 2011.03 / dee
 Explain the causes and effects of discrimination on children?   3 ML 2011.03 / milk_teacher
 Are there any free adult movies on comcast on demand? 1 Karmelo 2011.03 / B V
 Does the "*3370#" code for extra battery works for nokia 6600 mobile? 1 Shantanu 2011.03 / Pain Killer
 Are bank holiday calls with BT free on the evening and weekend plan? 1 Jessica Rabbit 7 芒鈩⒙ッ⑩劉楼芒鈩⒙ッ⑩劉楼芒 2011.03 / Tinker
 Does the store best buy accept personal checks?   2 Jeffrey R 2011.03 / babyincar
 How can I add volume to wavy hair? 1 clueless 2011.03 / hamn
 What is the best weave to get to make your hair look REAL? 1 danjai w 2011.03 / Nine
 Is an Argentina a racist country? 1 Smiles :) 2011.03 / Natalia Symone'
 Do you know the symptoms of the third eye opening? 1 Just Be 2011.02 / WillRogerswannabe
 What is the cheapest way to build a house?...Serious answers please? 1 MARIA 2010.01 / cold_fearrrr
 What do you do when your partner does not sexually satisfy you? 1 Knowledge24 2009.12 / Question
 What is the email Id of Sunil Bharti Mittal, the CEO and MD of the Bharti Group? 1 pravahan 2009.12 / Jew Boy
 Is Points Across America door-to-door magazine sales a scam? 1 芒鈩⒙γ⑩劉娄pixiechix芒鈩⒙γ⑩劉娄 2009.12 / Waiting for Madelyn :)
 How would one go about soliciting their services on Craigslist? 1 Instant Star Just Add Coffee 2009.12 / PropReno
 What happens if you leave conditioner in too long? 1 Amy Z 2009.12 / Pepper Shaker


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