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What bra size is Queen Elizabeth II assuming she wears one? 43 Newman 2019.02 / 36.40.45.*
Do some consider Queen Elizabeth II as a MILF or Cougar? 4 Zorba the Greek 2018.07 / ninest123
How to meet and greet Prince Charles and Camilla? 2 Nurse KeVo 2015.12 / 72.52.116.*
Should Fiq Faysee or his son be given the job of readying the Middleton woman fo.. 2 DanDan the shithouse man 2012.05 / 74.83.252.*
Our royal vadge is itchy? 1 belinda 2011.02 / King Pimp Stain
How long did the Queen Mother play Ena Sharples in the soap opera Coronation Str.. 1 Hilda Ogden 2011.02 / Lord Lucan
So what happened to John Brown? 1 Pete 2011.02 / Dude
Restore the monarchy in the US? 1 Kowalski 2011.02 / Certified Gynecologist, MD
Prince Charles grow vegetables......? 1 hofatwon 2011.02 / Dode
If a queen or king in the future had a retarded child would it be covered up as .. 1 Queen Mum 2011.02 / Mad Manda xxx
Why do the British have such devotion to the monarchy? 1 Morgan Freelton 2011.02 / Paco
Do Australia and others keep the queen as head of state as they aren't the mugs .. 1 Queen Mum 2011.02 / Skip Rat
Who is your favorite King/Queen and why? 1 Anonymous 2011.02 / Ms. Minerva
Has Prince Charles ever been sex offensive to you? 1 Cathy 2011.02 / Maj Hewitt's Equestrian Acad
Does anyone else find it ironic that Henry VIII was so determined to ... 1 Mr. Nobody 2011.02 / Louise C
What do Prince Edward and Prince Andrew actually do? 1 Kitty Katty 2011.02 / Jack a rou
Is it true that Queen Elizabeth is to buy out failed Canadian Motorbike Business.. 1 Franz Wanka 2011.02 / Domino the Cat
What toothbrush do you think the queen uses? 1 bobziekins 2011.02 / JanJan
Who was the first king of England.? 1 keseke 2011.02 / sarch_uk
If we just kidded on that the Royal "Family" ....? 1 Darkstar 2011.02 / JanJan
An American on Prince Harry? 1 sekacity 2011.02 / Nettie
Who agrees with us lemurs? The royal family are an outdated waste of money? 1 LEMUR 2011.02 / JT
God Save The Queen? Lets Keep her!? 1 Lord Loki God of Mischeif 2011.02 / genghis41f
If Princess Diana returns will Prince Charles seek divorce to remary? 1 tiahkoh 2011.02 / pumpkin
How do I find out if I have royal blood? 1 Love Yahoo!!! wannabe a prince 2011.02 / Zalem
Prince louis of monaco ,is he in rome? 1 joy d 2011.02 / coteeverett
Is it right that taxpayers have to pay for a royal wedding? 1 Vincent Monroe 2011.02 / Ichiban
Did Queen Victoria resemble Katie Price when she was younger? 1 Justin D'hole 2011.02 / Franz Wanka
Just discovered I am related to Graf Grossenschwanz Von Fik. Does this make me n.. 1 Son of Fiq 2011.02 / petra
What would Americans do if a monarchy was established in the USA? 1 Eva 2011.02 / Mod
If William turns out to be too big for Kate can the marriage be annuled? 1 Son of Fiq 2011.02 / Ena Sharples
Why do royalists thumb people down with multiple accounts? 1 Jackie Ladylush Cheesypanda 2011.02 / 1st Earl Jellicoe
Why do people moan at me for not working but applaud the queen? 1 Burberry McChav 2011.02 / DanDan the shithouse man
Viscount Linley did a new door for my outside toilet and it's rubbish, Should I .. 1 Ena Sharples 2011.02 / mary
Is Prince William idempotent? 1 Son of Fiq 2011.02 / DanDan the shithouse man
Which member of the royal family do people mean when they refer to a hard workin.. 1 Newman 2011.02 / Fiq Faysee
Why are so many Presidents related to the Royal Family? 1 W 2011.02 / James T
Why is it no one likes Kate Middleton? 1 Meow 2011.02 / Andy F
What happened to the children of Marie Antoinette? 1 gfa527 2011.02 / brinlarrr
Why would Lord Bloc head Bob block me and then write nasty,untrue things about m.. 1 Dude 2011.02 / John T
Does your King treat you like the Queen you are? 1 谩茠娄fragile heart谩茠娄 2011.02 / Good bye.
I've just seen a dvd of 'Bronson' and thought it awesome. What did you think of .. 1 Mrs Sharples 2011.02 / vambo number five
Should Camilla be pelted with rotten eggs? 1 ? 2011.02 / spice g
Does louis of monaco have a baby?i hear in the monaco newspaper he got his wife,.. 1 joy d 2011.02 / coteeverett
PRINCE HARRY & JAMES HEWITT. Coincidental resemblance? 1 numberquestion 2011.02 / B.E.C.
If a very senior Royal were to die a week before William's wedding would wedding.. 1 DanDan the shithouse man 2011.02 / Rocky
Does Queen Elizabeth II have her children and grandchildren's names tatooed on h.. 1 Newman 2011.02 / Lord Lucan
If he wasn't Royal would Prince Edward have got far as a thespian? 1 Domino the Cat 2011.02 / Nick
What do i do to make someone happy ? -a brother sorda- ! .? 1 WordsEater. 2011.02 / Ms. Minerva
Where i can go in Great Britain? 1 Antonio 2011.02 / Philipo
What was princess diana's most preferred outfit? 1 katie 2011.02 / Ms. Minerva
Who would make a better queen of England, Diana or Camilla? 1 IncendieBuzzz 2011.02 / 脝赂脤碌脤隆脫艙脤碌脤鈥灻屄喡稰etoonia
Wouldn't you agree that Princess Michael is the most attractive of the more matu.. 1 DanDan the shithouse man 2011.02 / Newman
Is it true American paper say Viscunt Linley do a 'Monica Lewinsky' on male serv.. 1 Franz Wanka 2011.02 / Lord Lucan
The latest Lord Lucan is an impostor. Account opened today avatar copied. Is thi.. 1 Rocky 2011.02 / Lord Lucan
Poll If a Deacon and a Queen married.....would their titles still be the same.. 1 芒鈩⒙ Sweet Judy芒鈩⒙ 2011.02 / Braking Power芒鈩⒙
Britons---- do you think the queen watches the same movies and listens to the sa.. 1 CALIFORNIA luvin 2011.02 / abby j
Should this woman be made an *honoury* Dame? 1 Moan R - Anti-Septic 2011.02 / 芒鈩⒙ Beaver Diva Sue 芒鈩⒙
God save the queen? hmm...? 1 Redman_Jr 2011.02 / Soylent
How is it people say Prince of Edinburgh Danish if born in Corfu. I confused by .. 1 Franz Wanka 2011.02 / Lord Lucan
Who is the new King of Queens? 1 rousseau 2011.02 / Patriotic Jilibean
Why is it that suddenly very new members to this site are suddenly on the Royalt.. 1 Dode 2011.02 / Lord Lucan
Did you have a quiet period of reflection yesterday when you remembered that it .. 1 Prince Charles 2011.02 / Rocky
Where in the line of succession does the Queen Mother's great nephew Rab C. Nesb.. 1 Newman 2011.02 / Queen Mum
What exactly was it that attracted princess Margaret to John Bindon? 1 Franz Wanka 2011.02 / London lady!
My dear friends, it appears that certain people in the Royalty section are unwar.. 1 Lord Lucan 2011.02 / nojj
Do you think it would be a nice gesture if the Duchess of Cornwall would show su.. 1 LL 2011.02 / Alana C
Does the Queen get any help with cooking the Christmas Dinner at Sandringham sin.. 1 Newman 2011.02 / Lord Lucan
PLEASE ANSWER!..what would you do if prince william wanted to marry a black woma.. 1 anonymous is back ya baybe 2011.02 / Melissa Swan
I'm first in line for the throne of the small principality of Drama, Is America .. 1 Off My Meds 2011.02 / Wolfeblayde
Can the royals save themselves by holding a lottery in which they make a commone.. 1 Fiq Faysee 2011.02 / Jackie Ladylush Cheesypanda
Who's the New King of Pop? 1 Sara 2011.02 / Dude
Should the Church of England refuse to marry a couple that have openly lived in .. 1 Ena Sharples 2011.02 / Queen Mum
Cant you tell that Prince Harry isnt Charles child? come on? 1 HildaB 2011.02 / Human Being Human
What will happen if the Queen die today? 1 Beckham 2011.02 / breedgemh_101
Why is it that a Royal Forum American contributor who impersonates a British Bar.. 1 Dode 2011.02 / connor g
Did Princess Margaret wear knickers or a thong at the Coronation in 1953? 1 Newman 2011.02 / David
Does the Royal Family have to undergo? 1 rousseau 2011.02 / Cowboy Bill
Have the Queen and Philip practised contraception over the years and if so what .. 1 Dode 2011.02 / Daphne Crapper

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