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Diabetes - why the stupid comments against those with the condition.? 1 gorilla 2010.01 / Anita
How can I protect myself against the boobonic plague? 1 Dr. Inanimate Phoenix BS 2010.01 / Loosey芒鈥灺
My grandmother just had a stroke, can you tell me how serious it is and explain .. 1 Little Dustin 2010.01 / Utley For President
Would you please pray for...? 1 ~芒鈩⒙ 2010.01 / Virginia B (John 16:33)
I slept with my boss at work, on the clock and he gave me a STD, can I file work.. 1 ssshhhh cause I said so芒鈥灺 2010.01 / hobbs1833
How long does it take for the side effects of Sustiva/Epzicom combo to subside? 1 ? 2010.01 / Dr. Frog can fly!
Lump on jaw?getting bigger? 1 Rachel 芒鈩⒙ her 3 precious bab 2010.01 / kings
Help PLEASE..Lump ON jawline geting bigger? 1 Rachel 芒鈩⒙ her 3 precious bab 2010.01 / dre
What are dark circles under the eyes a symptom of? 1 Penny Laine Luvz the Phillies! 2010.01 / Bored_01
Is happiness contagious? 1 Bullwinkle J. Moose, esquire 2010.01 / bladesinger0712
Whats the incubation period for getting a cold? 1 Frank 2010.01 / Tenn Gal
Is it a bad sign if there's still no pathological diagnosis on a skin biopsy aft.. 1 THE NOLTE-KMA Part 3 2010.01 / Eckyschmay's Itchbay
How do I get rid of dry skin caused by cold weather? 1 Stephanie 2010.01 / ysm
Is there a vitimin or something i can use to reduce the circles under my eyes? 1 blazn80mph 2010.01 / bombastic
Constant, crushing, severe fatigue with hypothyroidism; what can I do for more e.. 1 ZER0 C00L 芒鈧⒚⑩偓垄AM芒鈧⒚⑩偓垄VT芒鈧⒚ 2010.01 / Sly Fox [King of Fools]
What are the symptoms for this .... ? 1 Wonder Cat: Nut Lover 2010.01 / 芒鈩⒙retty芒鈩⒙ 芒鈩⒙itty芒鈩⒙
I contracted an STD from a person I met on Y!A. Can I sue Yahoo? 1 Beaner! 2010.01 / Sciurus Reprobatia
What causes cold feet? 1 Bullwinkle J. Moose, esquire 2010.01 / Wascally Wabbit
Dang it, I got leprosy. Now what should I do? 1 Dashing Geek Keeping it Fake 2010.01 / Queen Shmeckles McHooters 脗掳脗潞
Do you get annoyed when people take advantage of a situation so they can come in.. 1 Mothball 2010.01 / ManWell KMA
While coughing up blood this morning on my altar to Satan, I noticed some hair i.. 1 Dr. Inanimate Phoenix B.D.S.M. 2010.01 / drasago
How do you keep from picking at a scab? 1 Yidiot (bored with 2010) 2010.01 / Buk
What are the symptoms of appendicitis? 1 Scooter_the_squirrel_agent 2010.01 / I think I'm Dumb ~Amy~
HEy i have a problem , im kinda embarrest to go see the Doc with my parents abou.. 1 Alex 2010.01 / Lady S.
Should the swine flu vaccine be mandatory, and if they are what assurance do we .. 1 Kasey Pink looking for SPRING 2010.01 / mary k 芒鈩⒙
Has anyone else had measles as an adult? 1 ? 2010.01 / KyLoveChick
2 years left.....? 1 Larry L - Hi Everyone :D 2010.01 / Paula84
Bad case of Polaroids??? 1 I WALK FUNNY 2010.01 / Liza
Can anyone help my friends with there really itchy situation? 1 london lady!5 2010.01 / Naughty Farmgirl ;o)
Are there health risks in being exposed to wood burners? 1 Happy New Year 2010.01 / juniperjasmine
Has anyone ever heard of Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis? 1 Rachel 芒鈩⒙ her 3 precious bab 2010.01 / The Research Pro
Need help and advice with health insurance (and cancer). Any experience with Co.. 1 Laptop Jesus (Happy Holidays) 2010.01 / Nazgul King
Are there any foods that soothe acid reflux? 1 Paula 2010.01 / pbleek
Pimples??? 1 fall_out_boy_chicky 2010.01 / DoctorMagic
Is it possible to have the flu even if u don't have the usual symptoms like snee.. 1 Scooter_the_squirrel_agent 2010.01 / SavvySue
What precautions can you take against swine flu? 1 Yahoo! India News 2010.01 / Shailendra
What are the supposed symptoms of the swine flu? 1 .Jocare. 2010.01 / Gracelyn Arrived 10-20-09
Is it possible to develop an allergy to a product that one has used (without iss.. 1 THE NOLTE-WHOA! 2010.01 / The angels have the Arc Light.
Hypersensitivity to pain in people with RA and/or Fibromyalgia? 1 RedQueen 2010.01 / Just Be
How do yoou keep your face clean? 1 julena D. Tran 2010.01 / Luis R
Do Bald People get Dandruff? 1 Idiocracy the Meat Puppet 2010.01 / Tectonic French Toast (w/syrup
Poll: Medical question ..... ? 1 Wonder Cat: Nut Lover 2010.01 / Shrunken Fro芒鈥灺 Time out!
Is it okay to drink lemon water? 1 hapigrl85 2010.01 / Lizard
Do you feel like vomiting as well? 1 * 2010.01 / Tut Uncommon 2:Electric Boogal
If conventional wisdom says "feed a cold, starve a fever"....? 1 hello world 2010.01 / ma
(WARNING!!!)There is a dangerous virus being passed around? 1 joanne 2010.01 / buggerlugs
What's brown and bubbly and taps on glass? 1 Scuzzy Wuzzy 2010.01 / Uranus
Diabetics: Just out of curiosity, how many times a day do you check your blood .. 1 RIVERKID Roll Tide! 2010.01 / Fully
Did you ever have a colonoscopy? 1 Irksome 2010.01 / Kev ~ Numpty or Nincompoop?
How can you get rid of a boil without having to see a doctor? 1 Kimberly S 2010.01 / crystal_land
Why is colorblindness more frequent in boys? 1 F脨炉ED 2010.01 / matador 89
Hi. I've been diagnosed with leukemia, I'm really really really scared. I need w.. 1 Scary Monsters and Super Creep 2010.01 / Chain-Gang Diva
What is some good home remedies for the flue? 1 Janet-YFFL-NYYCHAMPS! 2010.01 / Sweetness and Forte芒鈥灺
What is a good way to lower blood pressure? 1 dawn b 2010.01 / haslo
What are some at-home remedies for allergies? 1 lizdude900 2010.01 / Daniel M
What are some symptoms of listeriosis? 1 Megan F 2010.01 / Gumdrop Girl
I ate 10 bags of pork rinds and now I feel like throwing up, do I have the swine.. 1 Mothball 2010.01 / puddles
Can i get an ant inside my body through my vagina? 1 lilly s 2010.01 / Aquarius QT
Please pray for Michael...he needs it? 1 芒鈩⒙-&&-脦卤脦路脦路脦卤-&&-芒鈩⒙ 2010.01 / Gardener for God(dmd)
To pavarotti my heart goes out to you and your family (please sign if you supp.. 1 +MiSs MuRdEr+ 2010.01 / Crackerjack
Is anyone interested in catching the Stain Flu? 1 Pimp Stain 2010.01 / 芒鈩⒙ Hurley is 10 months old 芒
Is there a disease listed in the Merck Manual to explain why I become violently .. 1 THE NOLTE-KMA/EOO/FU2 2010.01 / Verlene Schmecky Myass
Do you think the global fear over swine flu is justified? 1 Y! Canada News Editors 2010.01 / crystal
Do you feel optimistic about this vaccine that would use the body's immune syste.. 1 Skylark ~ Peace out 2009 2010.01 / katty
I am a millionairess trapped in the body of a poor person: Is there a name and/o.. 1 Leftfoot 2010.01 / Absolute Rotter
With Swine Flu being such an issue, should I stop dating The Lesbomatic? 1 THE NOLTE-KMA 2010.01 / Jack B, male pattern baldness
Can I give someone second hand diabetes if I smoke my candy cigarettes around th.. 1 Love Yahoo!! wannabe a princes 2010.01 / KyLoveChick
Question about depression, meds, and HIV? 1 ? 2010.01 / Spanky G
Home remedies for poison ivy? 1 Krystin C 2010.01 / libragurl66
What's a good online Lymphoma support/discussion group? 1 THE NOLTE-WHOA! 2010.01 / Sara
Where can I find a book about Insomnia that is not so boring that it just puts m.. 1 8 Track Mind 2010.01 / Redwitch vt
How can we prevent epistaxis? 1 TJ 2010.01 / Dimitri
Support the cancer cause? 1 脩聫脧茠脩鈥⒚幝姑戔 芒鈩⑩毭⑩劉楼芒鈩⑩偓 脩鈥⒚偮⒚幝泵懧徝 2010.01 / mandiimo aka: amanda
Is it true that by "poping" pimples and blackheads you may end up with.. 1 cheerful_assassin 2010.01 / Rickydotcom
It's been several months, but I still haven't succeeded in eradicating The Orang.. 1 THE NOLTE-KMA 2010.01 / Captain Art Griego
Aperger's Syndrome? What do you do to Cope? 1 killer peaches 2010.01 / Speshly Linz!
Feminine Parts Poll: I think there is something caught in my fallopian tubes... .. 1 Wonder: Super Kitten! 2010.01 / cel's giant beaver
Swine flu?!?!?>!!>!?!?!?!??!!? 1 Nicole<3 2010.01 / ommotherlifeforce
Do you think it's fair for a whole school to ban peanut butter just because one .. 1 Shmeckles McHooker 2010.01 / shrebee
Is it safe to eat steak whose doneness is other than well done? 1 Duke of Tudor 2010.01 / Richard

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