Religious homophobes: Besides marriage rights, what other rights do you want to deny to the LGBT community? Related Questions

Religious homophobes: Besides marriage rights, what other rights do you want to deny to the LGBT community?
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Perhaps you think they shouldn't be allowed to vote? Do you think they should be denied the right to a speedy trial?

Why do you single out marriage? Do you think it makes your bigotry more acceptable if you limit yourselves to denying them marriage rights?

LGBT Friends: Did you hear that President Barack Obama is going to expand the gay-rights agenda? :)?
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What does the Labor Movement have in common witht he Civil Rights and Human Rights Movements?
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I have little to no background on these topics and I really want to help my niece on her essay. Thanks.

Decoration wall cracks, to find what rights organizations? _ Rights complaints
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Just less than a week brushing paint, wall to multiple cracks, and the walls are not flat, a lot of ups and downs, decoration company to admit its fault, not that I material, the wall is not good, going to court to sue? Rights, or to find other agencies?

Urgent help! ! ! Property rights provisions of the Marriage Law is how ah
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That is the case when the marriage and his third brother, her husband is living in a yard that is half of a person to his father, then my husband bought the youngest of the youngest moved out, but my husband died suddenly, and now the yard The real estate license in my hand but it is father's name (because it was feeling good and the third brother, no change and no receipt of money) which can be assigned under my house and the children do

What are your political opinions on abortion, gun rights and gay marriage?
Asked By Hunter Cotie,Last Answer By InvisibleKid At 2011.04,1 Answers

This is part of a string of similar questions I am doing on political opinion. I encourage you to go back and answer any of the others I have asked that you have an opinion on. These seem to be some of the hot topics for politics right now so, of course, I'm interested in people's opinions and an explanation for why those opinions exist.

My views:
Abortion: I think abortion is wrong. I equate it with murder and I cannot understand how anyone can view it differently. I suppose I would support it if the child is a product of incest or rape or if the child will harm the health of the mother. However, aborting a child because the mother just doesn't want to have kids is evil.

Gun rights: I am very much in the middle on this one. I think that we all should have rights to handguns and rifles (maybe on those rifles). However, those petitioning for rights to semi-automatic assault rifles or for no government interference at all on gun rights are ridiculous. No government interference means I can buy a rocket launcher and blow my neighbor's house out of existence because he won't turn down the stereo. However, on the other hand, if I don't have a gun, you know someone will illegally have one that they can use to kill me or rob me. If we all have powerful weapons, how safe can we truly be? However, if we all don't have weapons, how safe can we truly feel?

Gay marriage: I think that marriage as a whole is a commitment between two people. Now, who those two people need to be is up to individual interpretation. The government's role in marriage is that two people are becoming legally bound to each other financially. That's it. So, by extension, I think the government has no right to ban gay marriage. They have no right to restrict marriage at all.
Now as to the morality of gay marriage, that is an individuals moral (and religious) view. Whether it is right or wrong is the people's choice and not the governments. (Although I'm bisexual so I assume you can infer my views on its morality)

If I rent a domain name what rights do I have to it? Do I have renewal rights? Can I sell it on?
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Is it mine to own? how does it work? I'm after a dot tv site.

Democratic rights of citizens and human rights which is the difference?
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Community ownership of commercial space transportation regulations of property rights issues
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Community ownership of commercial space transportation regulations of property rights issues

Do you think Dilma Rousseff will hopefully legalize Abortion Rights and Same-Sex Marriage in Brazil if elected
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I think the Human Rights laws are damaging my Human Rights, can I challenge there existence?
Asked By Numptey,Last Answer By Spence At 2011.04,1 Answers

Criminals getting compensation, kids running riot, I'm not safe on the street or in my house and I can not defend myself. The police have become next to useless because of it.

Do you see Surrender a Woman's Rights issue or a Reproductive Rights Issue or both? ?
Asked By SLY,Last Answer By MamaKate is an Aunt! At 2010.06,1 Answers

Impart some of your wisdom upon the LGBT community?
Asked By Enjoy It.,Last Answer By Lucaâ„¢ At 2010.10,1 Answers

What is a lesson that you have learned, and are willing to share ;), that you think the LGBT community would benefit to learn from?

I'm sure we'd all agree that there are some very well-informed users here, who would have interesting and helpful experiences :)

So go on! Would you share with us?

*Hugs and cupcakes*

Should the word transgender only include those who are part of the LGBT community?
Asked By Lisa,Last Answer By candy ex machina At 2011.04,1 Answers

Many Transsexuals myself included hate being labelled transgender or automatically assumed that we are part of the gay community I'm female and I like men. There is growing discontent with the word transgender and its catch-all application. I have personally been in touch with Mara Kiesling of NCTE and she assured me that they do not represent all transsexuals or claim to. I also feel that the word transgender is used to brand us as other than the gender we are internally, another words its just another unwanted label to brand us as other than. Good communities are built on freedom to choose to associate not on forced inclusion or labelling. While I am asking you to set me apart from you don't think that means I don't wish to be your allie or to work together for mutually beneficial needs it just means my needs can't be served by the gay community.

For those of you interested in equality for all, esp. the LGBT community, & a big, fat "NO" on Prop.8 in Cali?
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I have a wonderful friend, Chris Mason, who had a reception and showing in Cambridge, MA last night of the film "Saving Marriage: The True Story of the Massachusetts Fight to Save Marriage Equality." I met many wonderful people there and learned a lot about MassEquality and its volunteers who fought against civil rights going to the ballots here in MA. It is a sad day indeed when the right to marry a loved one, gay or straight, has to be decided by voters. It is also completely unconstitutional and akin to "voting" against blacks riding on buses with whites. I was horrified to see the number of people who had spent their lives discriminated against discriminate against others, continuing the terrible cycle. I was also overjoyed for those who stood up for equal rights, including a man who originally drafted the "Civil Union" amendment here in MA change his tune once gays were allowed to marry. He realized that a "civil union" was just a soft way of saying "almost-right", i.e. "You can have the almost-right, but you may never truly be equal." Many people have asked me why gays must insist on calling it a marriage and I always answer the same: equality is equality. A civil union is not enough. We should all be treated equally and allowed to enjoy the festivities of marriage.

Chris is doing a documentary called "Driving Equality". Next summer he will set out to visit 48 states and British Columbia to speak with politicians, citizens, and noted pioneers of the LGBT community. Please check out his website at and read all about the trek he will be making out-of-pocket next summer. Chris is simply an amazing guy and if any of you would like to meet him when he drops by your state just send off an e-mail. If it is within your reach to donate I ask you to look into this wonderful cause. We still have 47 states in the union with near utter disregard to the LGBT cause. Chris will be driving cross-country to try to change the legislation in those states and educate people about the LGBT community. I am so proud of him and his mission.

Again, please go to to check out the reasons for Chris' journey and find the spreadsheet tracking his trip. If this is all I can do to help Chris, and if all of you here can pass it along to your friends, I think we'll have done our part in aiding a most wonderful cause.

Thank you in advance to my here in R&S and LGBT who I know will pass along information about Chris' cause. I love you guys. Roooocky Rooooad?

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