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If Light did not exist anywhere in the Universe, would time still exist? - Related Questions

If Light did not exist anywhere in the Universe, would time still exist? Related Questions

If Light did not exist anywhere in the Universe, would time still exist?
Asked By t_o_n_i_montana,Last Answer By justask23 At 2010.09,1 Answers

Can the universe exist without light?
Asked By Carolus,Last Answer By jean-de-la-lune At 2010.09,1 Answers

Is it Even Possible for Such a Thing as Magic to Exist In the Physical Universe?
Asked By mdGreg C,Last Answer By Fr. Al At 2010.10,1 Answers

Do you think that negative energy cannot exist in the presence of light?
Asked By Rita,Last Answer By Ivan A At 2010.10,1 Answers

Does the International Commercial Bank exist and do they have a branch in ghana called first light?
Asked By Aaron M,Last Answer By ama a At 2009.12,1 Answers

yes there is such a bank, check out their mention on
<a href="" rel="nofollow">…</a>
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and there is a branch at first light but as their website says,beware of scammers promising money idling in the bank. dont give out any money orpersonal details.

Heres a DEEP one...What is Time? does it exist? Did we make time? is time there naturally.?
Asked By LEX,Last Answer By madpol1 At 2010.09,1 Answers

Does time exist at all?
Asked By Nii,Last Answer By buster At 2010.09,1 Answers

The past doesn't exist,it used to but it is no more
the future doesn't exist,it will but not now
The present is considered the boundary between the past and the future.
but how can a boundary exist if both the before and after don't exist

so can anything exist in time,does time exist
or is it just the sun and moon

Does time exist?
Asked By Stef,Last Answer By (Ω) The Cat At 2010.10,1 Answers

Is it linear? How do you understand the concept of time?
This is something that really puzzles me.

If time travel ever does exist...?
Asked By ms. whatsit,Last Answer By Comment Kid At 2010.09,1 Answers

would anything that the time traveler did even matter or change anything in the future. Let me try to explain: If someone from the future travels back in time then obviously whatever they did already happened and changed things from what would have happened if they never time traveled, right? It's hard to explain what I'm trying to say >:/

Can reality exist without time ?
Asked By blondnirvana,Last Answer By Einstein At 2010.09,1 Answers

Lets say you just take away time from something, whats happening then ? is there still a reality ? what do you think ?

Or imagine you take away space instead ?
Will there be reality with no space ?

I just tried to imagine that for a single particle in the universe with nothing else in, but i can't really figure.
any idea ?

Does time exist or is it just a human perception?
Asked By just "JR",Last Answer By The Tank At 2010.10,1 Answers

We define "Present" as an instant, a very small interval of time.
We define "Past" and "Future" in relation to the Present.
Since, mathematically, to the limit, the Present is an interval of time equal to 0 (just zero), Present can't exist, nor, consequently, Past and Future...
However, we seem to agree that time came to existence at the Big-Bang and will cease to "exist" at the big-crunch (if it happens). So we must accept that time exists, and that it flows in one direction only: from past to future. However, Hawkins says that if the Universe is to go towards a big crunch, at the maximum expansion, time would reverse its flow!
Seems like a paradox. Maybe "all" "times" exist... at the same time?
Quantum leap theory is that all instants in time are present... at the same time... Human concept? Your ideas?

If the time machine was invented, would the stock market cease to exist?
Asked By Marvin the Martian,Last Answer By Clyde N At 2009.12,1 Answers

According to physicists, no.Time travelers would be in a separate time continuum, of which there are many.You would only be an observer, much like an invisible ghost.Now, if you were to enter that specific continuum, you might be able to alter time.Einstein said all time occurs at once.It is our perspective that changes. The analogy he gave is like traveling in a stage coach between two cities, the coach being the present, the departure city the past, and the arrival city the future. The bigger the coach window, the more time we see, but all exists at once.The different roads from and to the new city, are parallel times.What happens in the present determines the future. You may be taking the shortest route and get there fine, or all maybe robbed, killed, and never get there, or anything in between.All these scenarios are being played out in the same time, but somehow our perspective determines this. Do I believe in predestiny - no, it is only the most likely to occur under certain variables-how many times have you heard people getting a premonition on avoiding a certain plane flight that later, crashes and kills everyone-was the future altered-no, only a different parallel time was used?

Taobao release of goods less than the number of shop premises for a long time does not exist how to do?
Asked By Abraham Ford,Last Answer By lisa green At 2011.05,1 Answers

If the universe is expanding at close to the speed of light, when it reaches this speed, will time reverse?
Asked By TheAsender,Last Answer By Veers த†At 2010.10,1 Answers

what I want to know is will time reverse it's self as the speed of the expansion continues to increase, if it does and things unfold in just the opposite order of which they originally occurred, will death become life?

Is it even possible for us not to exist?
Asked By Just Be,Last Answer By WillRogerswannabe At 2011.02,1 Answers

I'm not sure yet why this particular concept came forward for me, but as I thought about it I realized I could not even imagine nonexistence, not Being in some form.
As I explored this idea more, it took on almost a twilight zone feel.
Most of us have no memory how we came to Be, yet here we are.
We all will face a transformation called death that will separate us from the only "form" most of us also can remember.
Yet, I find it almost impossible to conceive of not existing in some aspect.
So, is nonexistence after existence possible?
What survives the transition called death & what does not?
Please elaborate.
Thank You for answering.
Many Blessings!

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