Name 3 main sources of noise pollution in your neighbourhood.explain how each of them could be reduced.? Related Questions

Name 3 main sources of noise pollution in your neighbourhood.explain how each of them could be reduced.?
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Construction activities. You can't reduce it but you can lessen it's effects by doing it during the day when most people are out.
Kids screaming. You can't stop people from screaming, but you can close your own door to soften the noice.
Loud music. You can also close your windows and doors.

Are noise pollution and light pollution REALLY pollution?
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yes, they do impact their immediate environments. yet they are easy to remedy and leave little lasting effects once removed.

do you consider light and noise pollution as real problems? why or why not? what adverse effects can excessive light and noise lead to?

How much you contribute to environmental pollution? Explain your efforts in reducing pollution?
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I believe that the best thing to do to reduce pollution is to conserve. I think that people get so caught up in thing that they enjoy that they forget that resources are limited. People tend to over consume and even sometimes get greedy. M. Gandhi once said, "The earth provides enough to satisfy everyone’s need, but not enough to satisfy everyone’s greed."

I myself, like to enjoy everything the world has to offer. I don't think it's wrong to live it up a little, as long as it is controlled and is not abused.

How do cities encourage reduced pollution?
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What are some things that large cities already do to encourage reduced air pollution??
Thank youu!!

What are your main sources of news :) ?
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Thank you for your answers! :)

Have a wonderful day! :)

Who/when/why did we decide that cows, pigs, and chickens should be the main sources of meat in the human diet?
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Just wonder, historically, how Americans and Canadians decided to eat mainly these specific animals for meat.

Not a vegan or even a vegetarian. Just a curious, gal.

Can someone explain the process that happens for a cars turn signal to make that clicking noise?
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My daughter wants to know.
Why do I think people are now thinking "What's a turn signal?" LOL!

Why is it important to find new sources of fresh water and to conserve the sources now available?
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two thirds of our globe is occupied by oceans containing non-potable water that has a high level of salinity. converting this water into potable water is being tried but is proving to be very costly. potable water is becoming scarce and in developing countries, women trudge nearly ten kilometers for two pots of drinking and cooking water, in some places the ground water has become contaminated through industrialisation and discharge of toxins into rivers and streams.
Similarly, we are misusing electricity. Have a look at this:
Even burning bulbs contribute to global warming. I was honored by the World Bank for my grassroots initiative U-SEE
A grassroot level initiative U-SEE - Unlimited Savings of Electrical Energy which gives to the world how we can stop misuse of electricity during day time when the sun is shining. My idea revolves around "bring home the sunshine" and "get moonlight from sunlight". Have a look at the following World Bank link and let me know if you want more details. The idea is a child's play and is so simple but saves billions of units of costly electricity and also reduces over exploitation of the natural resources like oil, coal, water and also reduces global warming from stopping burning of bulbs.
Link: <a href="" rel="nofollow">…</a>
Please spread this link to all your family members, friends and neighbors. Let them also benefit and save the world before it is too late. -
Vasanthkumar Mysoremath, Bangalore, India

To flush out 100 ml of urine in toilets,people flush 10-15 litres of drinking water.
Rain water harvesting has become the necessity of the day and is being successfully implemented in India.

Pollution is a major enemy of the common man what acc to u is the best way to combat pollution?
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give yr suggestions to stop i t
and give an acc of how it affects u
thank u'

"Noise is the enemy of mankind." What to talk about the harmful effects of noise on human
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If we live on the moon, can noise is disturbed? What enlightenment do this have to noise preventing in real li
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This man in my neighbourhood is a Communist. Should I seize his possessions and distribute them to the needy?
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If he was a good Communist, he would give away his possessions by his own free will in the name of equality, right? This guy is such a hypocrite. He complains about the corruption of capitalism even though he is a middle class man with a good income. He believes in "equality" only if it would result in a net gain for himself. Why is this guy rich when there are so many nice and honest people who are poor? It's time to make him practise the "equality" that he preaches.

Should I steal his possessions and then donate them to various charities? What charities should I give these stolen goods to?

My wife says I'm immature because I helped our kids set up a tattoo shop for the neighbourhood stuffed animals
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In the trailer park we live in, it being summer, a lot of the neighbourhood kids have set up lemonade stands to make a little spending money. Well, our kids wanted to do the same, but I thought that there were already enough lemonade stands, and, being inspired by a great deal of beer, decided that our kids would have something different: a tattoo shop for the neighbourhood stuffed animals.

Since I am a tattoo artist, I helped them put together a stand with the right look, and with Metallica blaring from a cd player. I've helped them come up with some easy designs and stencils, and attached cords to sharpie markers so they look authentic. The stand has proved very successful in our trailer park, and the kids have done some impressive sleeves on teddy bears, some cool back patches on old cabbage patch dolls, and totally trailered-up a couple of barbies that needed some street cred. Their stand is the most popular one out of all of the stands in the trailer park and they've made some good money, plus, they've had a lot of fun. I think it has been a good experience for them.

My wife, however, thinks I'm immature, and perpetuating a "white trash" stereotype. I know she wants our kids to grow to be more than just a tattoo artist like me, but I think this has been a lot of fun for them this summer. Who's right in this? Should I make the kids close down their stand?

Tax is reduced to zero in 28
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2008 tax rebate is reduced to zero you, just heard a colleague say that he's safe start on tax .1.1 ..... and then added to a 0, the other a lot of things have to become zero! Out of my panic die! ask and which an expert can come to a 2008 State tax refund file ah! very grateful! best to have a detailed breakdown. Thank you!!

ZnO is best reduced by C and not by CO?
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