What are you most proud of in your birth chart? Related Questions

What are you most proud of in your birth chart?
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What do you like the most about your birth chart? and Why?

What in your birth chart are you the most proud of?
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Why? How does it relate to your personal life?

ME: Venus in Aquarius! I think it's the best thing ever for me :) I'm glad I don't get attached easily, and I love the fact that I can separate my emotions from my actions so well. I'm not overly sensitive, and most things that bother other people I am just apathetic towards. I love my nonchalance and I actually think it's a benefit to my personality because I don't usually take things too seriously or personally.

How about YOU? And list any aspects you think are relevant.

What aspect in your chart are you most proud of?
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I like having Mars conjunct my Sun and Ascendant. I'm filled with energy, ambition, and a competitive spirit. People also know not to mess with me, haha.

How about you? Include your signs as well.

What if Mars is not in your birth chart? what is that mean?
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i never ever said a bad word before or get in a fight.
My sun and Venus are Pisces
My moon is Scorpio

Can cultural influences be seen in a birth chart?
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Allow me to clarify: The differences of cultural influences have a big effect on a person. How we are raised and the way we behave and view things can depend a lot on our background.

My real question is: Since certain cultures have behavioral similarities, is there something common in the charts of people born into that culture? If there are generational signs have an influence on generations, are their cultural aspects?

Just a thought.

Let's pretend that you could create your own ideal birth chart?
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Having the knowledge that you do now, and being the person that you are now, if you were asked to edit your chart, so to say, what would you change? Would you change certain planet placements, or perhaps the aspects? Tell me what your ideal chart would be.

Please try and be creative, I understand that changing your chart would change who you are, and obviously you are not going to actually change your chart; but just for fun, tell me your ideal placements.

Also, tell me your current Sun/Moon/Rising.

What are the aspects that indicates infidelity in woman's birth chart?
Asked By Sting,Last Answer By Sidereal Sagittarius Erectus At 2011.03,1 Answers

Thanks for any serious answers.

If you give birth to twins, do their birth certificates say that they have a twin?
Asked By Anniepantsâ„¢,Last Answer By ashley j At 2010.08,1 Answers

Why is there more focus on finding birth mothers then birth fathers?
Asked By MagnusMoss,Last Answer By LinnyG At 2011.04,1 Answers

Is it me, or is there much more effort to locate birth fathers then birth mothers? Why is that? The birth father ios exactly as related to you genetically. Also, the birth mother is more likely to have agreed to give you up.

"Birth" terms...why no "birth child"?
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Why do adoptees have "birthmothers" and "birthfathers" (a really ridiculous term...) but mothers who give children up to adoption don't have "birthchildren"?

Watching a birth/ birth videos?
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I am 16 years old and a male. First off i have seen my own birth video it was 2 hours of pushing and a half an hour of crowning. I watched this with no problems. I really like watching birth and it makes e feel good. Because of this i want to become an ob-gyn so i can be involved in this everyday. I want to know if this is weird. I have been invited to the births of my cousin and my mom. They are both having twins and they are 36 weeks. They are both having natural births my mom in the hospital and my cousin at my house. I am going to attend the births so i have watched my cousins first birth and mine and my brothers. I want to know if i would be able to help in the hospital birth like holding her leg when shes pushing or like help in my cousins birth like holding a leg or delivering one of the babies. Please no immature answers like ewwww your mom vagina.

What is there to be proud of?
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I mean since we are talking about women rights, headscarves and so...
Wearing headscarves is freedom? How can somebody be free or can claim that she is free or she wants freedom when what she/he is defending is contrary to freedom?
This is a paradox...

Are you proud of your cat?
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My boy Cornbread came in this morning while I was asleep and started biting my nose and fingers, clawing at my face, and howling. It was very early and I put him out of the bed 3 times. He just kept on. I got up and turned on the TV to find we were under a tornado warning. We live in a mobile so I gathered the kitties, the kids, and the husband and headed into the storm shelter. about 15 minutes later a devastating storm hit 5 miles from our home causing massive destruction, injuries, and one death. He's my hero now! Did you cat make you proud?

Are you proud?
Asked By PeopleDog,Last Answer By cosmicmoon At 2010.01,1 Answers

I went to the Dentist and I have no cavities. He even said i was doing a good job and maybe brushing a little too much. Maybe I'm addicted to clean teeth...my friends make fun of me for listerine-ing and flossing everyday. But I won't have dentures when I'm 45 either. HAHAHA. Death to tartar!!

Bar chart
Asked By Constantine Dodge,Last Answer By Adolf Pike At 2011.06,1 Answers

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