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word of mouth marketing success depends on details
Asked By Benjamin Lane,Last Answer By anne lane At 2011.05,1 Answers

There is a proverb in Russia: "dress is the best radio station." The point is, seeing is believing, word of mouth between people is the most effective means of propaganda. Data show that 80% of consumers trust word of mouth, more than any other source of information. And once word of mouth marketing links to the Internet, can transcend time and space, beyond the scope of acquaintances to spread the circle of communication between strangers sharing the possible spread of word of mouth still maintaining high reliability characteristics. This is a cheap and effective marketing methods to promote significant. 1, word of mouth marketing is the field attentive premeditated plan which is not absolute, many products or companies rely on brand strength to achieve word of mouth, this is the scope of brand marketing, while for word of mouth marketing, this is a new company hopes to send low-cost, high way the virus spread quickly won a field means. As for Google, Apple this company as an example if someone is in their mouth, that they are also a kind of word of mouth publicity. From a marketing point of view, the traditional master of business a lot of behind the scenes, they are doing a lot of word of mouth and we call a relationship back to the Internet, the truth is the same. Different channels, different strategy, but the idea is the same, word of mouth marketing is out. 2, the transmission by the user, the marketing on their own, the details determine success or failure of the difficulty of the absolute word of mouth marketing than most of the marketing model, because the middle of too many subtle details involved, point is: n n word of mouth carefully planned topics of opinion leaders strength assessment evaluation of communication carriers n n the spread of opinion leaders and key factors in the grasp of n nodes to track the spread of word of mouth Labyrinth, guidance and control every detail of n concerned about their influence consumer word of mouth, and sometimes not the product of the subject but some of the less subtle eye-catching, such as product model of clean, price tag mark the unification of the beauty of match display, distribution services, sound, etc., these minor omissions, but it can cause resentment consumers. More importantly, the resentment, brands it is difficult to hear, it is difficult to improve quickly and thoroughly, often substantially reduced sales, but do not know where is the root cause. According to market research company investigation concluded that only 4% of dissatisfied customers will have vendors submit their complaints, but there are 80% of dissatisfied customers will have their friends and relatives about a particular unpleasant experience. Therefore, Porsche sales the company developed a detailed regulations on the sales staff of conversation, manners, image, business establishments and other aspects of the detailed specifications and requirements, combined with award, the implementation of regulations implementing the penalty, as do a hundred secret no one about. Details determine success or failure in the economy, no longer around to find more details and do it, just wait out the market. Love is a prolonged media; love, always been talked about, spread through the ages. When our corporate information, brand information, product information, filling the composition of love, the power to generate word of mouth. Because there is love, so word of mouth will have a vitality. "People" power is infinite, and word of mouth marketing, because you, as there is love, will become more powerful! 4.jpg (0 Bytes) downloads :02009-5-22 07:59

Word of Mouth Marketing
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Consumers have been attached great importance to the views expressed to them directly. Marketers spend millions of dollars may be well-designed ad in the event, but the real determination to consumers is often simple and free stuff: from a trusted source of word of mouth. With too much nitrogen products face the choice of consumers are no longer ignore the bombing of traditional marketing, word of mouth quietly and effectively to the fore. In fact, all the buying decision, 20% to 50% of the primary factor behind the decision is word of mouth. When consumers buy a product the first time or when the product is relatively more expensive, the reputation of the greatest influence - as compared with other cases, in which case people will conduct more investigations, seek more advice and consider a longer time. Perhaps word of mouth will continue to rise in influence: the digital revolution has expanded its sphere of influence and accelerate the speed of its spread, making word of mouth is no longer a closely related behavior, is no longer a one to one communication. Now, word of mouth-to-many form of communication is: People will be published online product reviews, and through social networks to disseminate their views. Some customers will even create a site or a blog, to praise or punish some of the nitrogen generator brand. With the online community the size, number and characteristics are improved and strengthened, marketers increasingly recognize the growing importance of word of mouth. However, measuring and managing word of mouth is not easy. We believe that word of mouth can be analyzed in order to know exactly why it can play a role; its impact can we call the "word of mouth value" index to measure, this is an effective way to measure brand influence consumer purchase decisions information capacity of the indicators. Learn how to play the role that information and why to play a role, allowing marketers to design a coordinated and consistent way to respond to the environment in the right content will be appropriate to convey to the appropriate people. This approach would recommend consumers to buy and maintain the loyalty of nitrogen products have great influence.

SMEs how to implement fast and effective word of mouth marketing
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SMEs how to implement fast and effective word of mouth marketing

Tips for sharing the ultimate word of mouth marketing: start a million rounds of touch, enjoying good business
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Tips for sharing the ultimate word of mouth marketing: start a million rounds of touch, enjoying good business!

Tips for sharing the ultimate word of mouth marketing: start a million rounds of touch, enjoying good business
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The concept of word of mouth marketing has been very common in the network, usually one day in the study are how to make a compelling content, want others to spread dissemination, which is actually difficult to do. Recently found that many people are using the "one million rounds of touch," the platform to implement word of mouth marketing, the platform through the "tell all" approach, can be very simple so that each person's product information can be quick to praise others way to spread the legend spread, and soon spread to more than tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of customers. Looked very shocked, hereby share with you: http://qdpute.du139.COM

Tips for sharing the ultimate word of mouth marketing: start a million rounds of touch, enjoying good business
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Tips for sharing the ultimate word of mouth marketing: start a million rounds of touch, enjoying good business!

Business success or failure depends primarily on what?
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What a success Internet Marketing
Asked By mary ford,Last Answer By JohnCable At 2016.01,4 Answers

What a success Internet Marketing

Details determine success or failure - should reflect on things! Original
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6 night last week, and a few friends to eat hot pot, the phone rang, I told friends to leave the next, a look at shows that 0592 numbers, long distance, my first reaction to most of the customer, then answered the phone: "Hello, may I ask you?" the other the first time asked: "I saw you in line marking machine to do the door, I ask you is the manufacturer?" I said: "Yes, would you optimistic about the Internet models that paragraph marker it? "He said:" No model, only to see one on my phone, called me to offer "Jiu down I wonder, the matter was strange, but still patient communication, and asked him material, he said He is playing in the aluminum top plate and the plate that is to air, probably to understand the post, I offered, I sent him on Monday when the details of our products points to him, and he said yes. As friends to blow me to dinner, I will simply talk to the next and the customer to hang up, phone hang after remembered, forgot to ask the other company names and phone, but think about it, there is a landline phone number. Also no call back to ask the,,,, the first time to work this morning to call the past, the phone has been no answer, to reflect over his head, and that night the phone is more than 9 pm, most of the phone at home Now how to find people, ah, forgot to ask the phone, and hey! They did something wrong, I really do not care,,, and now only have an extra phone call, I hope, when at noon or night, on which customers can contact! If the details of the well points Saturday night, a habit, perhaps there would be no trouble now, and really get to reflect on the next ah!

McCain Pornographic laugh - Success Products + Marketing mode
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Spring flies the most frightened, was undoubtedly the Hong Kong entertainment circle, Edison Chen's Pornographic disturbed a pool of muddy water. To date, Edison migrate, scapegoat behind bars, but still, such as the surging river Yan Zhao, keep coming. This not only damages the majority of fans of EQ, and an insult to the intelligence department of the Hong Kong administration. But only from the marketing point of view, Pornographic indeed be called a successful product marketing, look at the world's major business school MBA marketing case also second to none. Pornographic marketing is clearly an expert in the background pointing, and is an elite team, it would not do such a relaxation tactics, Live Flesh. Intuit made as follows, each of the students hope to learn a media choice in this promotion, not as the last event that is only looking for Carina Lau Yan Zhao, a weekly paper broke the news media, in that case, very easy to cover the blanket ----- - "comprehensive" ban; --- but opted for the new media network, and uses a viral marketing model, the use of human weakness, a pass ten, a hundred. 2 products publisher publishing Pornographic very good grip on the rhythm of new product, first released a few small, Yan Zhao, provoking what the public interest, then let the star of heavy-class products, "Gillian" "Cecilia" exposure; to be " King, "denied that the computer puzzle, immediately issued by overseas authorities disguising identification. This inter-related way, just like a small Japanese electrical giant digital products released in China in the level of the steps forward, and like to promote WINDOWS software like Bill Gates Road. When the Hong Kong authorities announced that the source has been found Pornographic, the publisher and then after another to follow, the new star product to come. Full compliance with "sales this generation, the development of generation" of product development principles. 3 free Internet-based business model, fabricating public opinion, tree brand. Not only that, Pornographic also widely expand its business model: the future is likely to promote the program as follows: 1 made of optical discs, the line charges. 2 while the introduction of third-party payers, so people in the spy "Pornographic", while a certain brand of sausage that advertising, as well as the Ministry of famous brands that DV video recorders, and digital camera that clear LOGO. Pornographic is speculated that the Hong Kong entertainment event, "King's Collection" and "China Star" contest of the two major interest groups, is Albert Yeung brother and brother to the Huaqiang battle of wits between the two gangs. A powerful world-renowned brand of the involvement of commercial power , Pornographic have been turned into a worldwide commercial marketing events, no wonder our control department stretched beyond its capability. This time, perhaps the mainland has hired a spokesperson Cecilia Cheung to do bedding will press said, "regardless of whether, and Nicholas Tse Zhi Zhi divorce, we will always support her. Now Pornographic have been on the Japan, the United States, Singapore headlines News, has evolved into an international incident, said to have international friends (always pure female stars) the image of the damage. Conclusion: The seasoned marketing techniques, accurate, efficient and complete will be the classic mode and into major MBA Marketing Textbook!

May I ask about the salary details of the interview, on behalf of my success rate is high it? Within one week
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Please have the experience, the best HR people do talk about doing ~ ~

[Announcement] How Langsha breakthrough marketing success from socks to underwear extension
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Langsha clever marketing breakthrough success extends from socks to underwear

Woodworking home improvement project details between success or failure of sub-types of plate
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Woodworking home improvement project details between success or failure of sub-types of plate

Colorful 7300gt word of mouth how ah? Also used for?
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Today Why do word Love which often fills the mouth but not the heart?
Asked By Stefano,Last Answer By Jennifer At 2009.12,1 Answers

Stefano, caro mio!
The word "love" has become so cheap that why even bother using it?
Too many right now are using it to sell. To promote themselves, to get help. But in fact, they do love... themselves.
Love is therefore so disappointing and hurting when one still believes in it. Love should be in the heart not in the mouth of people who want pleasure or advancement.

Stefano, for me nowadays, love is only in gestures, and showing that one can walk the talk.

And I even prefer to use "tough love" the one that is true love because it is not afraid to say the truth for the well being of the people one is talking too. Much better than the "I love you with passion" of those who only want to be praised or promoted.

Good question, Stefano, like all your questions indeed.

tanti bacci!

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