A new trade website, please reach people on the advice of seo Related Questions

A new trade website, please reach people on the advice of seo
Asked By bozi zhang,Last Answer By Evan smith At 2011.05,1 Answers

A new trade website, advice on seo of your RT because of people not proficient in technology, is only responsible for data editing and art, also requested the advice of others to promote the methods and areas for improvement www.redchinaporcelain.com

(Starting FOB) concluded foreign trade company website SEO (more than all the advice)
Asked By William Smith,Last Answer By Frances bush At 2011.05,1 Answers

(Starting FOB) concluded foreign trade company website SEO (more than all the advice) I thank you for reading my virgin original paste, then began to tell friends Oujiu. . . I think the foreign trade enterprises in the so-called SEO, search engine optimize (SEO) is the company's website on foreign trade targeted optimization. For example, the company is doing giftware, then the company should pay attention to those around the keyword giftware, and targeted keywords on the site of these special places, for example, the keyword in the title, URL, meta description, can also These keywords bold, larger font, in the Web page to increase the ratio of the keyword. Overall the machine is easy to search engine spider (spider) to recognize your site is doing what aspect of the site focus on what is and what is the need to focus on the search engines? As to your company web site keyword search engine, whether in the top few, it depends on how popular the keyword is not popular, not many more people search. Now if you trade website If you have just started SEO optimization, or if you trade website just building soon, then present you need to do seo work is: 1. To site conforms to the search engine requirements (the title, meta, URL, pic The alt, sitemap, as static pages, the foreign host, independent ip, etc.). 2. Looking for popular industry keywords, refine keywords, keyword analysis of peer site, I recommend to check the global resources of his own product under the keyword. 3. Web site a little more internal links, external links, try to find the high value of peer pr website (you can spend money, try to find foreign counterparts) 4. Log in major search engines can not forget. 5. Other methods (for the time being I did not expect, and constantly increasing) In short, such as the phenomenon of the new site after the end of the sand box, the search engine will gradually pay attention to you, with your pr value increases, keyword ranking will also increase, with the you edit the keywords related products, search engine keyword ranking your site also appeared one after another, everything will be OK, but do not avoid accumulation of too many keywords, the keywords in their products on their own independent website , then although there may be hits on your site will increase, but estimates of those who come are not what you want, but search engines will think you are cheating or that your site is doing the other. If your site just created, but want to make their own websites immediately have been inquiries foreign customers, then you can do under the overseas google, msn, ask, yahoo, alltheweb bid advertising, is still relatively cheap. The current domestic price of those Internet companies to give it too high, in fact, you can register themselves, as these search engines direct customers, I know the price now: google $ 5 overseas account, msn account $ 5 overseas, yahoo also $ 5 to open an account and choose the keyword bid prices are very cheap, as long as you do not choose those popular keywords on the line. In addition there are a lot of google, msn, yahoo coupon, 25 dollar, 50 dollars is a lot, the price is very cheap, a lot of people selling this, about $ 50 coupons can be bought for 100 yuan come, but you have to confirm these coupons must be in your account within 14 days after the charge forward, and can only be used once, you can experience the search engines under the foreign advertising services. Very cheap now, you have, as long as 150 yuan, 350 yuan will be able to get an overseas search engine advertising accounts, see more keywords ranking. Played so many characters, my virgin posted to this end of the original, more people use the forum features include dual collection of this post, I will continue updating.

Professional trade website building, website collection, site promotion, POS machines and other trade related
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Professional trade website building, website collection, site promotion, POS machines and other trade related services for professional foreign trade website building, website collection, site promotion, POS machines and other trade related services for consulting approach

How to Trade marketing website? How to make trade a more professional website?
Asked By jane b,Last Answer By Joanna wood At 2011.05,1 Answers

Wanted trade website SEO professional people, part-time, who intends to Come.
Asked By jane b,Last Answer By Wendy Zhu At 2011.05,1 Answers

Wanted trade website SEO professional people, part-time, who intends to Come. Such as the title, find part-time. Those who want to experience to the Company's Web site optimization and promotion, GOOGLE the left position. SMS specific matters, please contact the station.

Trade website promotion - optimization and foreign trade of the entire station difference between keyword opti
Asked By joy Green,Last Answer By lisa green At 2011.05,1 Answers

Trade website promotion - optimization of the whole point of foreign trade and foreign trade now, with the difference between keyword optimization of the development of the Internet. More and more people find an Internet company to do promotion. But for the promotion of knowledge that many people still do not understand. Away to promote the most common hear. I believe we are doing to promote foreign trade website, we often hear Networks said. whole optimization and keyword optimization promotion terms, then what is the whole point optimize? keywords to optimize what is it ? First optimize the whole point: not to the ultimate goal of a keyword, but the comprehensive optimization of a site, including domain name selection, site structure or the part set, the internal and external links, content development, visitor experience and other aspects of the optimization, keyword ranking is one thing, more important purpose is to end the sale of services. Keyword Optimization: only for certain keywords in the search engine rankings and to do optimization, the main pursuit of the ranking results. Whole optimization problem to be considered more, and 100% compared to the pursuit of ranking results, control all aspects of the work, good balance, very important. The balance, including: First, the user experience first and foremost, any optimization can not at the expense of sacrificing the user experience. Second, the site's internal links and external links to tie properly, but also link the word to the right, diversity, not uniformity. Third, the keyword a good choice to balance the primary and secondary keywords in the relationship between keywords, can be neglected. Fourth, promote the optimization of the process should pay attention to the optimization and based on the page other than the website optimization. Fifth, the site must also do all kinds of standardization. Sixth, the means to optimize diversification. Seven, website optimization promotion efforts should be moderate, the good old saying, take moderation, do not go overboard. In site optimization work, the main job is the overall site optimization. Shop promotion optimization, effective is the most important, network operators can ensure the network's branding to good effect. Invalid refund.

Did not mean there is no trade website ranking website
Asked By mary ford,Last Answer By jane b At 2011.05,1 Answers

Rank equal to the foreign site does not site a lot of foreign businesses that own the site after that the customer will take the initiative to come. Wrong, in fact, search engine keywords customers use when searching, your site is not in search of the top ten, so the probability is about 30%, and if in the absence of the first five pages, the customer 10% more likely to come about, or lower or even 0. so a trade website to come to you if you want customers to come, you have to do your site's ranking. I believe friends all know to do foreign trade customers used search engines are Google, yahoo and other search sites, we look at how many people use Google, yahoo. According to market research firm comScore released a report early next year to the end of 2008, Google's share of the U.S. search market, 58.5% from the beginning of the year rose steadily to 63.5%. Moreover, the new majority share of search volume in the bag by Google. And comScore in the report, "2008 Digital Annual Review" report that the majority of search traffic to the United States have been five major companies, namely Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask and AOL share with them. Last year 137 billion U.S. searches in 850 billion is conducted on Google. Almost 90% of the new search done by Google. comScore believes that most of the new search are derived from the increase in the number of individual users search, rather than new users. So do not believe that search engine can bring the value of foreign trade friends, but now you know to be very clear. But the site's ranking can not rely on PPC keywords to get, because it brought the cost is enormous, both have nothing on your site, and we can not rely on Alibaba, Global Sources and other platforms to rank, because they can not bring you traffic, SEO optimization so you can only rely on the promotion, which allows the site more attractive to potential customer base. Website SEO optimization ranking foreign trade, can effectively improve the site's natural ranking, SEO optimization techniques deal with a reasonable trade-off site for the future search engines can effectively increase the number of sites included, the corresponding increase site traffic, attract more more foreigner customers.

The bilateral trade volume between China and ASEAN is expected to reach 250 billion U.S. dollars
Asked By juicy lee,Last Answer By lisa green At 2011.05,1 Answers

According to the Ministry of Finance press release said, recently by the Ministry of Commerce and co-sponsored by the Chongqing Municipal Government, "into the ASEAN - Investment and Trade Cooperation Forum," said the 2010 trade in goods between China and ASEAN will grow at around 20%, bilateral annual trade volume is expected to reach 250 billion U.S. dollars. Ministry of Commerce, International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute here also known as Huo Jianguo, at present, ASEAN has become China's fourth largest trading partner, China set up special 100 billion, "China - ASEAN Investment Fund" ASEAN enterprises to invest in China to provide financial support. Meanwhile, China also plans to provide 15 billion U.S. dollars ASEAN credit support.

The new EU REACH regulations come into force Entry into the Chinese suffered the biggest barriers to trade (MC
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The new EU REACH regulations come into force Entry into the Chinese suffered the biggest barriers to trade (MCC search)

Foreign trade enterprises to enhance foreign trade SEO website ranking
Asked By Abraham Ford,Last Answer By Tony Blake At 2011.05,1 Answers

Foreign trade enterprises to enhance your site's ranking SEO SEO that when not everyone has the time dedicated to do this study. Real "Master" search engine optimization division, are those who spend a lot of time to specialize in SEO and other related topics, people! Here are four techniques of search engine optimization is SEO optimization experts believe that the more critical points, but also should be aware of each site; if you want your site get high search engine rankings, optimize web pages , be sure to remember these important links! 1. Check the search engine crawl errors page. Monitor search engine crawl error reports, pay close attention to your web site and running, it is extremely important! Monitoring error reports can help you determine "when and where to", Google robots, or other programs can not crawl your site to index - which allows you to quickly find a solution to the problem. 2. As little as possible to use Flash content. Just a few years ago, Flash used as the rapid spread of wildfire. It looks very simple, quick download, which makes the Internet interactive and animated rose to a new level. But from the perspective of SEO, Flash is blank. Search engines can not index Flash files with text or content, therefore, easy to visit and search engine optimization point of view, to make less use of Flash files - preferably in the use of the content does not matter! 3. Ensure that each page has a unique and descriptive meta tags . Tag optimization is the most important elements of SEO techniques, many network administrators do not understand very clearly that they are used in many duplicate pages label, did not use it to increase traffic, lost its value. You can search Google to run a competitive keyword - click forward a few links, and then observe the text that appears in the window title bar, you will find these words are keywords, including the goal of your web page keyword. 4. Make sure your content contains targeted keywords. Some foreign companies own web page publishing network administrators, they hope for on this topic are more competitive keywords, can get very good rankings. However, if your page content does not contain the target keywords, to achieve this is impossible! This means that to create a high degree of matching with the keyword content, of course, must not be a keyword cheating (spam). You need to do is continue to write articles - if you do not like to do these things, you can hire professionals to help you complete. In short: If your site does not match with the target keyword relevant content, your site will not have very good rankings. Again, if your site is in line with the foreign user's browsing habits, and make a SEO optimized, consider the site to change the speed in the open problem abroad. But with the network to promote the start, many have expressed the general effect of foreign trade enterprises, what reason is it? The original is due to the bandwidth of our international exports serious enough, the country's international bandwidth is not to 50G, not as an American University 1 / 10 more, thus leading to an average bandwidth of each site, very few sites. So open the domestic foreign customers very slow speed of the site, if carefully crafted and optimized by SEO website allows the customers can not visit, that the efforts of previous failure in vain it?

Like to open a tile shop advice of experienced people advice Thanks
Asked By Joanna wood,Last Answer By Adolf Pike At 2011.05,1 Answers

How much tile store to open shop, pay attention to what, how much to sell products. Thank you. There is no one knows. Is open in the town, the economy well.

If people are still able to (and want to) work, should they have to retire when the reach a certain age?
Asked By noboway,Last Answer By wwq At 2015.10,1 Answers

If people are still able to (and want to) work, should they have to retire when the reach a certain age?What's your opinion of this?

Trade website, please help.
Asked By Tony Blake,Last Answer By jenny brown At 2011.05,1 Answers

Trade website, please help. Younger brother to do in someone else's website, please help me find what the following error page code. Thank you. customer asked to do SEO, I will not do, like outsourcing. Master please contact me. Keywords are: plastic pallet. Thank you.

Will 100+ people answer this question? help me reach this goal.?
Asked By hmmm??,Last Answer By Undertaker (Come on England) At 2010.06,1 Answers

thank you for your contribution of one answer.

I need advice on spreading the word about my Eco website, thanks :-)?
Asked By Qweemawva Anzorla Qwartoon (Ma,Last Answer By someone At 2009.12,1 Answers

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any great websites where I can show others my Eco_Wellness group without having to pay any fees to do so.

I have tried doing so on Yahoo Answers but I receive violation notices and when I read the guidelines I saw that it was against Yahoo policy to do this here so I was just wondering if there is any websites where I can spread the word to others?

Thanks SO much for all your help :-)

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