What does the Labor Movement have in common witht he Civil Rights and Human Rights Movements? Related Questions

What does the Labor Movement have in common witht he Civil Rights and Human Rights Movements?
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I have little to no background on these topics and I really want to help my niece on her essay. Thanks.

Should the Feminist movement converge with the broader Human Rights Movement?
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In Europe and America, many of the key objectives of the feminist movement have been achieved, or are a long way towards being achieved.

Equal opportunities legislation has been enacted.
Legislation which clamps down on Domestic Violence has been passed into Law.
The Glass Ceiling is a lot more transparent.
Abortion is legal and freely available in most places.
Maternity leave is available in most states and European countries.
Gaps in pay between the sexes have narrowed, and in many places are close to being equal.

Are we now approaching a point where Feminism should converge with the more general advocacy of Human Rights?

Where we have come as Americans since the civil rights movement?
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Debates on the Civil Rights Movement?
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I am doing a research project in school and need to think of a debate question about the Civil Rights Movement. Doe anyone have any ideas? I was maybe thinking Which had more affect on the Civil Rights Movement, government or civil rights activists? But I would like other suggestions

Is immigration reform the new Civil Rights Movement?
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ATLANTA — Eight young illegal immigrants were arrested Tuesday for sitting in the middle of a busy street in front of the Georgia Capitol, protesting their lack of access to higher education in a scene reminiscent of civil rights demonstrations decades ago.

The group, made up of mostly students, believe their plight is similar to movement the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. led, and they met with former activists from the 1960s to hash out their civil disobedience plan. As the foreign-born youngsters sat in the road, at times holding hands, hundreds of supporters lined the street and cheered in support as the illegal immigrants were led away in handcuffs.

Before the sit-in the youngsters, their voices trembling, each stood before the crowd, took a microphone and announced: "I am undocumented, and I am unafraid."

In telling their stories, they took a risk like many of their parents made when they came to the U.S. to find a better life. Many said that, despite their grades, they have found their immigration status might prevent them from going to college, in part because they can't afford costly out-of-state tuition fees. Most also don't qualify for federal aid and at times, state help.

8 illegal immigrants detained at Georgia protest
<a href="http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2011/apr/05/8-illegal-immigrants-detained-at-georgia-protest/" rel="nofollow">http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2011/…</a>

What were the three most significant events of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s?
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Do we need a new Latino/Hispanic struggle and movement for Civil Rights in America?
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Presidential Elections:
just a minority is registered to vote, and amongst them an other minority go and vote. Most people are indifferent and apathetic to vote. It's pretty sad, but the truth is that our voice is ignored if we are not naturalized citizens. I am not a US Citizen, I am a Permanent Resident; ( I pay promptly my taxes and I am not undocumented )but I'm not a citizen either. I am what the bureaucracy call a "Permanent Resident Alien" with a GREEN card as ID.

besides, that I am still a Mexican Citizen under International laws, so , I don't see enough reasons to become a citizen!
the only good reason to become citizen is because I would like to write a Grant to help people like me who is not allowed to vote.
We all need to get Full Civil Rights including our right to elect governors and presidents!

In what ways have race relations in the u.s improved since the civil rights movement?
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do you think people of all races have achieve equality in the U.S

I think the Human Rights laws are damaging my Human Rights, can I challenge there existence?
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Criminals getting compensation, kids running riot, I'm not safe on the street or in my house and I can not defend myself. The police have become next to useless because of it.

Why do you think the civil rights movement (NAACP) utilized the courts system as a strategy to end segregation
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Democratic rights of citizens and human rights which is the difference?
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Decoration wall cracks, to find what rights organizations? _ Rights complaints
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Just less than a week brushing paint, wall to multiple cracks, and the walls are not flat, a lot of ups and downs, decoration company to admit its fault, not that I material, the wall is not good, going to court to sue? Rights, or to find other agencies?

Religious homophobes: Besides marriage rights, what other rights do you want to deny to the LGBT community?
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Perhaps you think they shouldn't be allowed to vote? Do you think they should be denied the right to a speedy trial?

Why do you single out marriage? Do you think it makes your bigotry more acceptable if you limit yourselves to denying them marriage rights?

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i know what it is: its a law passed by lyndon B. johnson to ban all public discrimination and w/e. but i need to know what was the PROBLEM THAT EXISTED BEFORE PASSING THIS LAW?
such as,
what were the social conditions that existed be4 the law, why was it needed, and who were especially affect by it? (black people perhaps?)

and WHAT WERE THE SUBSEQUENT BENEFITS from passing that law? (of course the obvious is it banned racial discrimination >.< but something more specific)


In your opinion what is civil rights?
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this is your opinion.

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