What happened to EAST INDIA COMPANY after the British crown took over reins in India.? Related Questions

What happened to EAST INDIA COMPANY after the British crown took over reins in India.?
Asked By Rakesh,Last Answer By jwishz At 2009.12,1 Answers

East India Company gave up control over India to the British govt/ crown. Its business was taken over by the govt. But what happened to the company? It was a duly chartered company with a board of directors? Was it liquidated? or was it left like that? some one told me that a few years back Economic Times did a story that a NRI bought over East India company..I tried to look for information on their website as well through google.. no information is available.. Can any one help me with tht?


Is it true that most British and 'neutrals' supported India in the India v pakistan cricket semi final?
Asked By J,Last Answer By Feeling hot hot hot At 2011.04,1 Answers

Indian engaged to british india girl?
Asked By Krishnaa Palaparti,Last Answer By hippo37 At 2011.04,1 Answers

Hello ALL,

Thank you for taking interest and reading. I a guy from India, Indian citizen. I went to London in 2006 to pursue my higher education. I studied masters. After completion . I got a job. While at Job I met my British Indian girl friend. I fell in love with her. I took her to India and got engaged in front my family and hers. I went back and worked but our relationship was not doing well. But I pursued. I applied for COA and also booked a date with register for registered marriage. But out relationship was going from bad to worse. I returned to India and we did not get married. After I came to India. I totally miss her. I love her more than I did when I was with her.I can understand my faults and can also see her good bits. I realize how much I love her. she too realizes the same. we talk to each every day from morning to evening. I want to get back with her. I dont have a job in India and searching for one. I need a job to support her. I don’t have savings. I don’t mind living in India. Her first preference is London but she said she is willing to come to India. I want to keep her happy. I feel she may not cope in India easily because of the culture, climate, weather, people and other factors. I just want to know is there a way for me to get back to UK.

Plan :-. I get a job and work for few months. Then she comes to India we get married and apply for spouse visa for me, if we are going back to London

My question to all is there any another way for us to get back sooner and go to London to live.

Once again I Thank you for reading this,and a heart felt thanks for your comments,feedback and suggestions.

Many Many Thanks

The Middle East, South America, Pakistan, India, Egypt's engine?
Asked By Adolf Pike,Last Answer By anne lane At 2011.05,1 Answers

The Middle East, South America, Pakistan, India, Egypt's engine? Hello everybody: I do blade, and now looking for some Middle East, South America, Pakistan, India, Egypt's local search engine, do not know if you have not done any of those countries, so, what are better local the search engines? Although I have some, but the results are not very good, such as http://www.samilan.comhttp://www.hindustan.net/http://www.jadoo.com/http://in.rediff.com / index.htmlhttp: / / www.indiamart.com/http://us.indiatimes.com/http://www.indianindex.comhttp://www.locateindia.com/http://india.asiaco.com / These are India, but the effect is not good, an expert can enlighten me please, offer some of the Middle East, South America, Pakistan, India, Egypt's engine? Thank you.

Had the Sydney controversy never happened, would the relations between India and Australia been better?
Asked By Patrick Bateman,Last Answer By At 2011.02,1 Answers

Hi there everyone!

I'm getting a bit Getting a bit nostalgic.

The Sydney Test between Australia and India was clouded by complaints of bad umpiring and gamesmanship. A hearing after the match saw Harbhajan Singh being banned for three Tests for an alleged racial slur against Andrew Symonds.

We all know what happened after that Test match, as we can still feel the aftermath of that incident in this section.

I remember that test match series, everyday used to be filled with new controversies and they just kept getting more and more serious.

Now my question is, had the Sydney test match controversy never had happened, would the relations between India and Australia been better?

Or...this feud between India and Australia was bound to take place as both are fighting for the Top spot in world cricket.

If the british didnt rule the indians then would india be a richer country by now?
Asked By Rahl C,Last Answer By d/dx+d/dy+d/dz At 2011.04,1 Answers

well this is a genuine question and not for those who put hatred comments here so im askin frankly would india have become a superpower by now??

I need customers from brazil,india,africa,middle-east,russia,Hongkong,south america,how to get them?
Asked By Snow Fan,Last Answer By Snow Fan At 2011.05,1 Answers

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India's P.M.,Mr.Manish Tiwari, Mr.Kapil sibal vs Mr.gcs,Mr.Vijay, Mr. India inc. get caught now in front of?
Asked By kumar,Last Answer By sharadakuma At 2011.04,1 Answers

In S Band deal of ISRO all above said that No Finance involved , and so it is no matter of an offence.

It is Like a Thief telling Police '' I have broken Locks and the Door of the House but not stolen anything, hence Iam not a thief.

People watch

Antrix, and Devos agreement and Former ISRO Chief in Devos, and P.M. is not aware ?????

Please it is People's money, hence take for your food, shelter, clothing, and for water and donot waste luxuriously, and earn goodname by giving donations , and donations give from your M.P. Salaries.

Am I right ?

About Government & Private jobs in India : Can a person in India...(an Indian)...read details ?
Asked By *B.B.K loves rain*,Last Answer By V.T.V.RAM At 2009.12,1 Answers

1) Can a person in India (an Indian) have a job in a private sector/institution/office and another job in government/public sector/institution/office at the same time (if he/she can manage to have both) ?

2) Does the law allow it ?

3) What about other countries apart from India ?

Thanks for your kind response :)

1. IPL or T20 WORLD CUP? 2. CHAK DE INDIA or JAYA HO? Which song do you choose for promoting India?
Asked By Keep living!,Last Answer By swati At 2011.02,1 Answers

So you got to choose from the two;
2. JAYA HO or CHAK DE INDIA; whom do you choose for promoting India.

India International Apparel Fabrics and Accessories Exhibition Texworld-India
Asked By Anne ChurchillChu,Last Answer By Wendy Zhu At 2011.05,1 Answers

India International Apparel Fabrics and Accessories Exhibition Texworld-India

Where can I get a supercharger fixed for my Tata Sumo in India? (preferably in South India)?
Asked By Ganesh L,Last Answer By ICHOOSETOTELLTHETRUTH At 2009.12,1 Answers

Take it to a, Tata Dealership near you so you will get the best warranty available.

Can i give my condolences to the people of India for the horrible tragedy that has happened?
Asked By Scooter_the_squirrel_agent,Last Answer By ♥candyfloss♥ At 2010.01,1 Answers

I'm an American I want to send my heartfelt condolences to everyone who has been affected by this horrible act committed by a bunch of cowards. My heart & prayers go out to you all.

India can be optimistic about its economic future, but only some parts of India can celebrate?
Asked By jitesh kumar,Last Answer By mayank s At 2010.10,1 Answers

I would also argue that the development is taking place in regions. The north west (Delhi, Hariyana, Punjab), the South (all southern states) the west ( Maharashtra and Gujarat). Apart from these regions, including perhaps southern West Bengal, very little headway has been made in economic development...For instance,(Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & Northern West Bengal,) and the North East. Which accounts for almost 1 on every 3 Indians have seen a decline in the general standard of living... for a real all India optimism to take place the central government will have to tackle the problem of the lack of development in the North and North East regions?

Should a player who has such a hatred against India, be allowed to visit India in the future?
Asked By ♫Aѕнιѕн™♫ тнє âˆ,Last Answer By T J At 2011.02,1 Answers

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuBlHHqfIuY" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuBlHHqfI…</a>

Watch carefully Pakistani bowler Sohail Tanveer at 04:22 says "Hindu ki Jahaniyat hi aisi hai"!

Then why he played in first edition of IPL and was dying to enter in second and third? He can always boycot money from "Hindus". Even that host and other guy was speaking against "Hindus".

Will any Indian cricket fans would like to see such a player in India?

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