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On a round-trip ticket, why does one side of the trip take longer? - Related Questions

On a round-trip ticket, why does one side of the trip take longer? Related Questions

On a round-trip ticket, why does one side of the trip take longer?
Asked By mauvais écureuil,Last Answer By Roger K At 2011.03,1 Answers

On a round-trip trip from Denver to Chicago, my flight to Chicago took just under two hours. The trip back from Chicago will take two and a half hours according to schedule.

Why the difference? (And no, it isn't the timezone difference -- I'm talking about flight time.)

Would it be cheaper to buy two one-way tickets or one round trip ticket?
Asked By Melissa Morton,Last Answer By Kelay Smith At 2011.05,1 Answers

to somewhere this summer?

And why?

Am I using the same printed round trip ticket when I am coming back from India or something else?
Asked By ngawang,Last Answer By Gerald J At 2011.05,1 Answers

I am going to India for vacation for a month and printed out my round trip ticket but this is my first time flight by my self so I am wondering am I showing the same printed ticket to the Indian airport when I am coming back from India. Please help me

Missed departure flight on a round trip ticket but still want to use the return flight?
Asked By hew_erwin,Last Answer By MysticBlue At 2011.03,1 Answers

I bought a round trip ticket from DTW-SIN ($1300) but i just want to use the return portion of the flight, Is that possible?
I called nwa and they said the rest of my portion got cancelled because i didnt show up for departure flight and i need to add the additional cost to become a one way fare.
The additional cost is $750 itself.
Any solution to this matter? thanks.
I just wondering what should I do, because the additional cost

How much would a round trip to Nepal cost me?
Asked By seema,Last Answer By acnemycin At 2011.03,1 Answers

11 yr old going on school trip and her monthly periods might overlap on trip days. Worried Mom?
Asked By SH,Last Answer By Maiko At 2011.04,1 Answers

My daughter is very new at getting monthly periods. She is eagerly waiting for her school trip(3 days) from last year. I am worried her periods might overlap on those days. What can I do? Is there any medicine I can give her so she won't have periods on those days? It takes her longgg time in changing and shower. Plus sometimes she gets tummy ache. Thank you

I am taking my car to Florida via auto train and I like to know about the trip experience prior to my trip.?
Asked By Mak M,Last Answer By shadobeast At 2009.12,1 Answers

Its pretty simple.

You have to be at the station (either Lorton, VA or Sanford, FL) before 3:00pm so that they can inspect (with a video cam) and load your car. *

At check-in you pick your seating time for Dinner (included in price).**

You get either your seat, room or roomette (only 2 seats) & meet your porter - who turns down the beds and is helpful with most problems.***

The train pulls out at 4:00pm (from either station) And arrives at 8:30am at your destination.

* You are warned to remove all valuables from the drivers compartment......Believe it. I left the ashtray full of toll money (approx. $10:00) and upon arriving in Disney figured out why so much change was on my floor. I left it there so I blame myself. That was the only bad thing to happen travelling with them.

** Dinner seatings are on a 1st come 1st serve basis - The earlier you get there the better your chances of getting the time you want.

***You can sometimes upgrade your seat to a room at a discount if you get there early enough (1st come 1st serve basis).

My Family and I Love the AutoTrain!!!

We get there early for the reasons mentioned above. We usually book a basic room early and sometimes upgrade to the room with the bathroom when we get there(Its nice not to share). You are allowed 2 carry on bags each so I usually bring 1 bag with books, laptop (there are outlets in the rooms)and dvds and a cooler with drinks and snacks while my wife brings clothing, toiletries and stuff to freshen up the toilet & showers before use (We use Clorox wipes & bring showershoes or flip flops) and my son carries what he needs to entertain himself.

On the ride down we read, watch movies and enjoy each others company. At night they usually show a movie in the lounge car and sometimes there is a decent card game going in the view car.

Dinner was good. Definately better than airline food.

The ride itself was nice. During the day the train stops frequently due to freight trains (whose companies actually own the tracks - Amtrack only leases) but at night the train really moves.

I set the alarm for 5:30am which gave us plenty of time to clean up, change our clothes, have a light breakfast and pack before arriving in the station.

All in all its nice to have the use of my own car without putting the mileage on it and not have to contend with the weather, traffic, etc.

Enjoy Your Trip!!!!!!!!!

Plan to GO to a Family Trip or Business Trip? Try Google Flights
Asked By googleflights,Last Answer By googleflights At 2019.09,0 Answers

If you are preparing your following adventure and trips, whether it's for business or enjoyment, there's a great chance that you will be flying to your location. Regrettably, flights are expensive. That’s why people most likely fantastic distances to obtain the most inexpensive flight possible. And also there are lots of regulations that make it possible to save money and Google Flights are one of them.

Have to go to NJ to Calif round trip. Who has the cheapest flight there?
Asked By Buff Me,Last Answer By tomas At 2011.03,1 Answers

2 adults and 1 infant baby in a seat

traveling in July on a friday night, coming back Sunday night

would it be cheaper to travel in the day or night

Round Trip Bus from Buenos Aires to Mar Del Plata?
Asked By Gesu Antonio,Last Answer By CARLOS O At 2011.03,1 Answers

Hello! I'm going to be traveling from Buenos Aires to Mar Del Plata by bus in March (leaving on a Friday and return on a Sunday). Which is the best option for me? Purchase bus tickets when I arrive in Buenos Aires or online? From which bus station should I leave Buenos Aires? Any websites I should look into to view pricing? This is my first time in Argentina so any assistance would be greatly apprecitated!! Thanks!

When is the best time to purchase round trip plane tickets..?
Asked By irisheye21,Last Answer By darth_momm At 2011.03,1 Answers

Hello, i am traveling from Ft.lauderdale FL to Philly PA, and would like to go in October. So when should i buy the plane tickets? A week before or a month before? I do not want to pay a arm and a leg to fly! Please help!

Are Alaska and Russia good places to visit on a Round the World trip?
Asked By Snecko,Last Answer By noReservations: RTW Trip At 2011.03,1 Answers

I want to go on a big trip in the summer, preferably around the world. I really want to see India, China and Japan which are pretty standard for RTW trips, but I'd really love to go to Russia and Alaska.

So my question is this, have you ever been to Russia or Alaska and what is it like? Is it easy to just go over and start travelling or would you need a set itnerary?


Visiting Rome, Italy, how much time for a side trip to Pompeii?
Asked By LeahLePetite,Last Answer By usbc s At 2011.03,1 Answers

We are visintg Rome early summer and want to see Pomeii. How much time should we plan for Pompeii? What is the best way to get to Pompeii from Rome? Car or train?

When it thunders into the power supply is also short-circuit power trip trip?
Asked By Anne ChurchillChu,Last Answer By lily green At 2011.05,1 Answers

Want to change the air switch? Strengthen the mine facilities? Mine facilities which can be changed? To be dedicated to operate the company and the electrician? Home on the sixth floor the top floor .. .. .. not mine facilities

My son is going on a Boy Scout sailing trip. What are the dos and don't on a sailing trip.?
Asked By jbeckfox,Last Answer By coindude49801 At 2011.03,1 Answers

He will be sailing on Lake Michigan. This is first time sailing. Will he have to know his rope knots?

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