What does it mean when ammo releases ammonia smell when firing? Related Questions

What does it mean when ammo releases ammonia smell when firing?
Asked By Don't call me dude,Last Answer By Herbli At 2011.03,1 Answers

Is it true, as I've been told, that this means it's got old-fashioned corrosive primer, even though it's labeled as non-corrosive? Or is it caused by the powder itself?

I've been using Wolf black box .30 cal in my M1 carbine, that I got in an extremely cheap deal. It shoots okay, no misfires or cycling problems, but it stinks like a cat box...

Is this stuff bad for my favorite Lil' Guy? Should I use the "corrosive" cleaning routine, a quick swab with sudsing ammonia before taking it home from the range for normal cleaning?

I think the smell in my tap water may be ammonia....?
Asked By Double_Frick,Last Answer By c_kayak_fun At 2011.04,1 Answers

i will be getting a test tomorrow...but what are the effects of enough ammonia in your water you can actually smell it, strongly?

A solution of ammonia and water contains 3.30×1025 water molecules and 6.50×1024 ammonia molecules.?
Asked By pooneh,Last Answer By imogen At 2011.04,1 Answers

A solution of ammonia and water contains 3.30×1025 water molecules and 6.50×1024 ammonia molecules. How many total hydrogen atoms are in this solution?

I need handgun ammo that can put out at least 550 ft lbs of energy at 50 yds?
Asked By Christopher,Last Answer By Robert H At 2011.05,1 Answers

for self defense and animal protection, preferably minimum caliber that can achieve this

Does Xploderz ammo explode into water?
Asked By Super Mega,Last Answer By Sam At 2011.05,1 Answers

does Xploderz (http://www.xploderz.com/) actually explode into water or just bounce off? (i know the name it Xploderz, but i want to make sure) thanks in advance! :)

How will gun/ammo sales be affected now that OBL is dead?
Asked By survivethebc,Last Answer By Devan M. At 2011.05,1 Answers

What is a good type of paintball ammo?
Asked By Brandon Splitter,Last Answer By nerdcore At 2011.05,1 Answers

I'm probably going to be getting the Azodin Blitz, which has a barrel of .685 I believe....not quite sure on that, but I'm wondering whats good ammo for that size of barrel and the ammo isn't very expensive as in $25 per 500 is kinda high for me. Helps appreciated, thanks!

Have you heard about the Federal 45acp ammo recall?
Asked By Bob Sacamano,Last Answer By Glock Doctor At 2011.03,1 Answers

Check your ammo before shooting!
<a href="http://www.mnguntalk.com/download/file.php?id=6510&mode=view" rel="nofollow">http://www.mnguntalk.com/download/file.p…</a>

What SCENT are CABBAGE PATCH KIDS?, they smell soooo nice, i wanna smell the same, lol?
Asked By ROCKMUM LOVES BOWIE,Last Answer By 69.167.27.* At 2018.10,39 Answers

anyone know what scent they are?,, is it just like baby powder scent?,, thats the closest scent i can think of
my daughters new ones smell so strong and beautiful but she has some older ones that have lost their smell, i just wanna make them smell gorgeous again,, thanks xxxxxx

Smoked to be painted, and these days a little dizzy, feel sick smell smell how what to do?
Asked By lisa green,Last Answer By Tony Blake At 2011.05,1 Answers

Polyurethane few days ago, only a small amount. And then felt my mind made of wood, reeling, and appetite loss. How to do? What medicine can eat better? Or have any other way? Ask you home improvement Hero!

I have a smell of mold or mildew coming from the faucet in my bathroom.The water doesnt smell from the toilet?
Asked By Debbie,Last Answer By papaw At 2011.04,1 Answers

or the tank.My plumber says that's impossible.But its true .How can I get rid of the smell?Is it in the faucet ,the pipes,Help!!!!

How do you neutralize ammonia?
Asked By Eric Culberson,Last Answer By Becky Black At 2011.04,1 Answers

home remedy

I'm at the office,where I've just discovered that my rocket launcher is out of ammo.Don't ya just hate Mondays
Asked By THE NOLTE,Last Answer By Vernon Dozier V At 2011.03,1 Answers

Just stand there coolly and tell them you know what they're thinking. Did you fire six rockets or only five? Then tell them quite frankly you've forgotten yourself, seeing as how there was so much excitement and all... I guess your coworkers need ask themselves if they feel lucky. Well do you, punks?

Nike never fails us when it comes to new releases
Asked By ghjv2nn2sg,Last Answer By ghjv2nn2sg At 2017.04,0 Answers

<br /><br />Nike Talk user bdrake823 shared pictures of a Nike PG1 in an Undefeated-inspired colorway. While the PG1s feature olive suede uppers,<a href="http://www.cheapam.co.uk/">cheap nike free 3.0</a> white midsoles and black and orange accents, its likely not an official collaboration with California-based streetwear brand. The color combination has been popular without Undefeated's name being attached to it and was last seen on the "Take Flight" Air Jordan 8s. <br /><br />But Nike, which owns Converse,<a href="http://www.cheapam.co.uk/nike-free-3.0/">nike free 3.0</a> seriously just upped the sneaker ante with its latest gamble: releasing the Chuck Taylor All-Star II in its proprietary Flyknit material.Unless you've been living under some sort of sad, sneaker-deprived rock, you'd surely recognize Flyknit material by now. It is a knitted fabric made from ultra high-strength fibers. This negates the need for so much rubber, resulting in enhanced breathability, and leaves the shoe with a cozy sock-like upper.<br /><br />Nike never fails us when it comes to new releases,<a href="http://www.cheapam.co.uk/nike-free-3.0/nike-free-3.0-mens/">nike free 3.0 mens</a> but if you ask us, these magical holographic kicks are on a whole new level. Their iridescent, fairy-esque hue appears to be a baby-pink at first glance, but depending on how you look at them, they can change to purple and blue right before your eyes. Needless to say, we're flipping over these — and it's safe to say every sneaker connoisseur out there is too.<br /><br />The Air Woven was never a mainstream shoe;<a href="http://www.cheapam.co.uk/nike-free-3.0/nike-free-3.0-womens/">nike free 3.0 womens</a> it was definitely niche and appealed to fashion circles and eventually sneakerheads who chased after Japan-exclusive releases. Over the years, Nike sporadically released new Woven colorways and this Spring, it appears that a slew of colorways are in the books. Is it finally the time for the Woven to be received by the masses? See what’s in store for the Nike Air Woven below.<br /><br />You can pick it up from <br /><a href="http://www.cheapam.co.uk/">http://www.cheapam.co.uk/</a><br /><br />

1.What is ammonia in a fish tank?
Asked By char,Last Answer By Gary C At 2011.04,1 Answers

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