Paying jobs 4 12-13 year olds? Related Questions

Paying jobs 4 12-13 year olds?
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What are some jobs for 15 year olds?
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What are some jobs that a 15 year older can get and not at a fast food restaurant

Any Jobs for 12-13 year olds?
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I'm broke. my wallet is empty because the only money I get is from birthdays and Christmas etc. any ideas for jobs with kids my age??

High profile/paying jobs vs low profile/paying jobs?
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Why do people often treat corporate executives, lawyers, businessmen (and women), surgeons, doctors and the housewives/mothers of upper middle-class/wealthy men with such respect

but yet treat people who work as cashiers, in customer service jobs, janitors, gas station workers, mechanics and those who work more manual jobs in the hospital (patient transport) and in hotels as if they are lesser human beings?

I noticed more often than not people who've worked hard their whole life have so much more wisdom than people who've been silver spooned but yet these silver spooned types (not couning people who've WORKED for their high ranks in life) are smiled upon and treated with so much dignity and respect.

Why do people look down on some professions and smile upon others, in other words? We all have a lot to fill in life and our own life stories and no one is better or higher than someone else.

What are the well paying contractor jobs in Iraq?
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What skills do you need and where do you go to get the job?

For those of you who are not sure which job works for you, here are some of US highest paying jobs!!!?
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I hope this helps you to decide your future job!!!
Feel free to write any comments and jobs (your current job) that pays well.

Highest-Paying Jobs in the US

Do what you love and the money will follow is great in theory, but the truth of the matter is, certain jobs and fields simply pay more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics National Compensation Survey showed, for example, that white-collar earnings, which averaged $21.85 per hour, were the highest among occupational groups. Blue-collar pay averaged $15.03 per hour, while the hourly pay of service occupations averaged just $10.40.

The jobs that pay the most require at least a four-year college degree. According to the most recent data from the Employment Policy Foundation, the nation’s 12 top-paying jobs -- and the mean annual income reported in 2003 for each -- were:

Top Paying Jobs Overall
• Physicians and surgeons -- $147,000
• Aircraft pilots -- $133,500
• Chief executives -- $116,000
• Electrical and electronic engineers -- $112,000
• Lawyers and judges -- $99,800
• Dentists -- $90,000
• Pharmacists -- $85,500
• Management analysts -- $84,700
• Computer and information system managers -- $83,000
• Financial analysts, managers and advisors -- $84,000
• Marketing and sales managers -- $80,000
• Education administrators -- $80,000

Though many of these occupations require an advanced degree, there are jobs at every education level that pay more than other jobs for workers with similar levels of schooling. Here, courtesy of the Employment Policy Foundation, is a look at the best-paying occupations at varying education levels:

Top Paying Jobs That Do Not Require a High School Degree
These jobs tend to require substantial on-the-job training and work experience rather than formal education and schooling:
• Industrial production managers -- $36,000
• Bailiffs, correctional officers and jailers -- $36,400
• Drafters -- $36,000
• Construction manager -- $33,600
• Electricians -- $31,900

Top Paying Jobs for High School Graduates
These occupations emphasize work experience and on-the-job training rather than formal education:
• Computer software engineers -- $58,900
• Computer/information systems managers -- $56,400
• Computer programmers -- $55,000
• Network systems and data communications analysts -- $49,000
• General and operations managers -- $48,000
• Database, network and computer systems administrators -- $48,000

Top Paying Jobs for a Two-Year College Degree
The following jobs tend to be technical in nature, emphasizing skills developed on the job as well as job-specific training and certifications:
• Healthcare practitioners -- $66,000
• Business analysts -- $58,000
• Electrical and electronic engineers -- $57,000
• Mechanical engineers -- $56,800
• General and operations managers -- $54,000
• Computer and information systems managers -- $50,400

"A look at expected earnings over a lifetime shows the economic benefit of higher education attainment," says Tony Carnevale, who chaired President Clinton’s National Commission for Employment Policy and authored several books, including "America and the New Economy: How New Competitive Standards are Radically Changing American Workplaces."

A person with a doctoral or professional degree, for example, is expected to earn about $3 million over the course of his or her working life while a person without a high school diploma is expected to earn less than $1 million. "Despite an increasing supply of well-educated workers, the college wage premium has nearly doubled since 1980, largely because of the added value of a college education in the new knowledge economy," adds Carnevale.

The Employment Policy Forum concurs, but stresses that these numbers are only averages. Individual earnings depend on many factors inducing geographic location, employer size (average hourly earnings ranged from $15.06 in organizations employing between 1 and 99 workers to $24.09 in those with 2,500 workers or more), industry (workers in goods-producing industries earned $18.46 an hour vs. those in service-producing industries who earned $16.44 an hour) and the worker’s skills and characteristics.

Good paying jobs that you do not need uni or tafe for?
Asked By Catherine,Last Answer By PixiestickEMT At 2009.12,1 Answers

i am in year 11 and i will be doing year 12 next year. after high school i dont want to go to uni or tafe as i think it will be a waste of time because after say 5 years of study i might not want to go into that work feild. so i was just woundering what jobs are out there which do not require tafe or uni but yet are still fairly good paying

What are high paying jobs that don't require college?
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What are some high paying jobs that don't require college?

If 92% of Americans have jobs right now and 95% of people are paying their mortgages on time,?
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where is the problem. Are we being made fearful by a government that has some sort of plan that the people may not want? That they may get fighting mad about? Anyone else believe that we are being manipulated? Because something is not right about what we are being told. It does not add up. What are your thoughts? Thanks to all who answer!

Asked By Joseph,Last Answer By julvrug At 2011.04,1 Answers

I mean really, you can't go shopping at walmart expecting to only buy the cheap stuff from china and then on the other hand expect to find high paying jobs, (it doesn't work like that) DOES IT?? If you want those 15- 20- 25 dollar an hour jobs you have to be willing to pay a good dollar for top quality USA made stuff ,,,,, not cheap stuff from 3rd world countries. Don't you agree??? It just seems like americans are their worst enimies.

Is any country other than the US sending its good paying jobs to low wage countries?
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Outsourcing to a cheaper supplier (in the same country and outside it) is not new. Today, not only material are supplied, as many international companies outsource even their services to cut costs. Such companies are located all over the world and most of such services (as well as goods) are from the Third World or developing nations where the material, production and labour costs are still very low compared to First World or developed countries. I know of companies in many European countries as well as developed or developing Asian countries doing this. For technical expertise, India, Philippines and Malaysia are major suppliers due to their English background (English being the commercial language internationally).

HOW does it make YOU feel WHEN you SEE a 40 year old man FLIRTING with 13 year OLDS?
Asked By SHARKY Xl,Last Answer By AsUwish ! At 2009.12,1 Answers

dammit sharky! I had just asked the same thing....

I feel that it is wrong

Montrose, he is privy to their ages because it is clearly stated in their profiles how old they are

Can u believe 10 year olds are having sex?
Asked By girl,Last Answer By Malina At 2010.07,1 Answers

I just heard this today that kids are doing sexual things at the age of 10, what in the world is going on here, sex was the last thing (if I even knew waht is was) when I was 10. This has got to stop and how are kids even learnign about it at that age to know what to do. This to me is very scary especialy since I have a baby daughter I can't image what it will be like when she goes to school. Scary scary

What are Games for 5 Year Olds?
Asked By Brandon T,Last Answer By Chris P At 2009.12,1 Answers

Connect Four

Candy Land

Chutes and Ladders


Scrabble Junior

Original Memory

Gold Fish

Mouse Trap




The Letter Factory Game


Sports like:



Discipline for 1 year olds...?
Asked By Courage,Last Answer By floridachick At 2010.08,1 Answers

I've become very aware that some parents are against time-outs or any discipline for 1 year olds. Meanwhile, I know many parents who hit their 1 year olds, swatting their hands away from danger, or yanking them away from someone else when they're scratching or hurting someone.

Now personally I do time-outs with my daughter. She's 14 months old, and I use my voice, a certain sign, and my face to warn her when she's doing something wrong. I lead her away and get her interested in something else, but she will determinedly go back and do it again and again. This can be anything from working apart baby-proof items to attacking the cat. By the third time I tell her no, then I take her and put her on a chair, tell her to sit there (which she does understand because of our telling her to sit during meals and in the tub), and usually have her sit for 10-20 seconds, then pick her up, kiss her, tell her again not to do that, and play. She almost never goes back to what she was doing wrong. The act of me picking her up, talking in her face, putting her down, and then for a moment looking away while she sits is more than enough in my opinion, and it seems to interrupt and stop the behavior.

Another thing I use is to put her down and refuse to hold her if she hits or scratches me, or take her away from another child if she's getting rough with them and hold her on my lap until she calms down, usually trying to get her interested in something else because I believe holding a child down is traumatic and horrible no matter the age.

So I would like to know what discipline methods people use for 1 year olds, whether they think I'm being too harsh or mean, or too lax. I know every parent around me believes I'm being far too lax, since I never swat or hit her and refuse to.

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