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News Flash: Manny Pacquaio now ranks no.1 at Welterweight by Ring Magazine? - Related Questions

News Flash: Manny Pacquaio now ranks no.1 at Welterweight by Ring Magazine? Related Questions

News Flash: Manny Pacquaio now ranks no.1 at Welterweight by Ring Magazine?
Asked By JON,Last Answer By Mark W At 2011.02,1 Answers

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Any thoughts?

I wont be bias my friends, I will pick the best answer based on logic ane evidence.

I dont care if you agree or not as long as you can back it up

God bless all!


Should welterweight division be changed to 145 to accommodate manny pacquiao?
Asked By americasfavoritethug,Last Answer By 222.77.240.* At 2017.09,2 Answers

cause its not fair to manny to have to move up from 106lbs to fight these welterweights at the welterweight limit of 147. lets just make a mannyweight division.

How shameful is it that Mayweather has now officially ducked Manny Pacquaio?
Asked By JON,Last Answer By errol At 2011.02,1 Answers

I can understand when Mayweather wanted to fight Marquez first because he had a long lay off and to take a fight with the p4p champ may be too much risk. However, many great boxers have taken risks before after long layoffs. Hopkins and Vasquez for instance.

EPO is traceable by Urine Sample Blood drawing is unecessary. HGH is not a performance enhancing drugs. It is scientifically proven based on numerous trials among MMA fighters and boxers that it is not beneficial in combat sport. Pacquaio lose weight to make weight, against big or small opponents, using HGH is known to lose one's speed in the process, Pacquaio's greatest weapon.

The Olympic Blood Test has not detected all steroids use, many athletes have gotten away with it only to test positive after the fight. Almost all of the boxing matches which boxers tested positive for steroids tested positive after the fight. Pacquaio was willing to do blood test immediately after the fight.

Pacquaio agreed to 24 days of blood drawing instead of 30, Al Haymon and Richard Schaefer tried to convince Mayweather, Mayweatehr rejects according to Ronnie Nathanielz of BoxingScene.

Pacquaio abides 100% to any protocols by the Nevada Athletic Commission, who mandates and sanctions all fights in Nevada. Mayweather wanted to create his own commission instituted by him and not Pacquaio and him together agreeing in the principles. The Pacquaio demand of $10 million per pound if Mayweather is overweight is credible because Mayweather has violated the contract stipulations before with Marquez. Pacquaio never tested positive for steroids nor was in any internal or external investigation.

Mayweather to me has always wanted to fight Matthew Hatton or Saul Alvarez, both unranked in Ring Magazine top 100 and holds no recognized belts. Mayweather camp has contacted Hatton and Alvarez way before Mayweather tried to contact and negotiate a fight with Manny. The obvious are the obvious, no hating here, just giving you accurate analysis and facts. I dont like to speculate without using facts.

Any thoughts?

Please feel free to agree or disagree? This is boxing, not the (DMZ) De-militarize Zone.

Thanks :-)

Is it racist to think Floyd Mayweather is a more skilled fighter than Manny Pacquaio ?
Asked By Normen Bates,Last Answer By Sean G At 2011.02,1 Answers

According to Mr.Seabiscuit me pointing that the three common opponents Mayweather and Pacqauio have all agree that Floyd is the better fighter is some how racist. However if you read my question their's not even mentioning race, the only thing I mentioned was Boxing.

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This is a prime example of someone taking a statement and twisting it into something it's not. I'm not racist and my question has nothing to do with race.

Its just constructive criticism; Fans criticize Mayweather everyday but when I criticize Manny Pacqauio....Oh all of a sudden I'm racist.

@ Seabiscuit I'm not racist and nothing about my question even mentions race and for you to take something that has nothing to do with race and try to make it negative shows how pathetic you are.

After the Cotto fight, do you still doubt Manny Pacquiao's chin and power in Welterweight?
Asked By the Truth f*n Hurts,Last Answer By Badajoz At 2011.02,1 Answers

Pacquiao stood right in front of Cotto for most of the first half of the fight, sometimes just taking blows after blows from one of the strongest punchers in Welterweight.

In additional, Pacquiao made Cotto back-pedal for most of the 2nd half of the fight. He also knocked him down twice in the fight. That has got to show power against a Welterweight.

A lot of people thought this was going to be a speed vs power match, not at all. Manny had the power in this fight, and Cotto was not really outclassed by speed per se, but by the speed of the onslaught of combinations.

Your thoughts?

Flash News - Breaking News - Just now - Reliable source - what is the differences in these news?
Asked By Always Good,Last Answer By Muthu S At 2011.04,1 Answers

what is a ''reliable source'' information. who is giving such informations and to whom?

According to FORBS magazine who ranks the most riches man alive in U.S.A.?
Asked By not fair,Last Answer By Alaccea At 2011.03,1 Answers

Richest Americans - ARMENIAN #7
Thursday, September 20, 2007provided by Forbes

Kirk Kerkorian

Net Worth: $18 billion
Source: Casinos, investments
Residence: Las Vegas, Los Angeles
Age: 90
Marital Status: Thrice divorced, 2 children

* Son of Armenian immigrant fruit farmer dropped out of school in eighth grade.
* Trained U.S., British fighter pilots during WWII.
* Flew surplus Air Force planes across Atlantic after war before building charter flights company Trans International Airlines; sold for $104 million profit 1966.
* Acquired Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas 1967, built International Hotel 1969. Sold both properties to Hilton Hotels 1970.
* Went Hollywood: made billions buying and selling movie studio MGM, 3 times since 1969.
* Back to Vegas: nabbed Steve Wynn's Mirage Resorts for $6.4 billion 2000, then Mandalay Bay Resorts for $7.9 billion 4 years later.

Name other successful Armenians.

Georges St Pierre vs Manny Pacquiao in a boxing ring for 12 rounds. Who wins?
Asked By toughguy2,Last Answer By balancepriest At 2011.04,1 Answers

MMA fighters do well with washed up boxers but how do they do when the tide is turned and they have to box for 12 rounds. I'm curious at what Bj Penn has to say. I like MMA but I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some little jerk get away with all the garbage he's been talking. I mean lets be honest, shall we?

News Flash?
Asked By northern lass,Last Answer By kerryanne1963 At 2010.01,1 Answers

The whole of England is now under a full flood alert.
England lost and the Scots are p1ssing themselves laughing

I need flash for news?
Asked By ?,Last Answer By Roy Macca At 2011.04,1 Answers

Ring Magazine hates COTTO?
Asked By BOX,Last Answer By JON At 2011.02,1 Answers

Funny I just read a answer on here by a top contributor JON and he said Ring Magazine hates COTTO.I can beleive that now this is a true story ..I ordered the magazine with Miguel on the cover bleeding from his eye last month did you see it? and what i got in the mail was a magazine with Pacman on the cover I was like what the FK. This was last week..

Possible opponents for Floyd Mayweather (per Ring
Asked By Sean G,Last Answer By kenny At 2011.02,1 Answers

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What do you guys think of this list? Hattons or Malinaggi.

Ring Magazine: HBO wants to create tournament for the 140-pound division?
Asked By Jose Martinez,Last Answer By Badajoz At 2011.02,1 Answers

I read yesterday in the latest issue of The Ring that there's talk HBO wants to host a tournament, similar to Showtime's Super 6, only, instead of Super-Middleweights, it would be comprised of the best of the heavily-stacked Junior Welterweight division (140).

I feel this is a great idea. You have so many good fighters at 140 (Timothy Bradley, Nate Campbell, Amir Khan, Ricky Hatton, Devon Alexander, Victor Ortiz, Marcos Maidana, Juan Manuel Marquez, Paulie Malignaggi) that in my view a tournament makes perfect sense to determine once and for all who is THE best at 140, now that it seems likely that the champion, Manny Pacquiao, will be looking to vacate his lineal Junior Welterweight title.

Your thoughts?

Who would win this thing?

News Flash: Lucas Matthysse floors Demarcus Clorey EIGHT times on his way to a TKO win?
Asked By who would win,Last Answer By Sean G At 2011.02,1 Answers

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After three KD's wouldn't you stop the fight? Chop Chop retire now pleases!

BQ? Who wins, Lucas Matthysse or Marcos Maidana

News Flash: Pacquiao agrees to fight Floyd Mayweather on March! Any thoughts?
Asked By JON,Last Answer By formarkiz At 2011.02,1 Answers

About 40 minutes ago, Pacquaio agrees to the conditions given by Bob Arum to fight on March. What does that say to some people who says Manny Pacquaio is scared of Floyd and doesnt want to fight?

I was disappointed to hear those words from some of the Mayweather fans here as many of them are also close friends. But this is boxing, not Jerry Springer. Lol

What do yall think?

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